Friday, October 31, 2008

Fredo Picks Week 9 of 17

Here we are, around halfway through the season and Mahatma is in the lead. Though his win total looks suspicious to me.

Mahatma 14-7
BH 11-8
Devo 10-9

Detroit (+13) at Chicago
Devo: Detroit has MC5. Chicago has the Smashing Pumpkins. Kick out the jams, muthafu$*a! Pick: Detroit
Mahatma: Detroit also has Kidrock. Pick: Chicago
BH: "Saturday in the Park" beats "Cowboy" any day. Pick: Chicago

Jaguars (-7.5) at Cincinnati
Devo: In a battle of two of the more non-descript cities in America, it's probably warm or at least warmer in Jacksonville. Pick: Jacksonville
Mahatma: Always pick against the city that plays cornhole. Pick: Jacksonville
BH: I will throw a bone to Central Florida. Pick: Jax

Houston (+4.5) at Minnesota
Devo: Houston has hurricane related floods, Minnesota gets bombed with snow. I don't like cold, but I love me some snow. Pick: Minnesota
Mahatma: Minnesota is the land of hockey. Do they even have ice in Houston? Do people even like hockey? Pick: Houston
BH: No, Mahatma, no one likes hockey. Just check the ratings. Pick:Minny

Atlanta (-3) at Oakland
Devo: Outkast or Hells Angels? As I've said multiple times in this section: what separates me from Mahatma is that I don't like old dirty manboobs. Pick: ATL
Mahatma: The thing that separates me from Devo is a dreidel, Ganesh, about 3 inches in height AND LOTS AND LOTS OF HAIR. HEYYY YA you bald fuck! Pick: OAKLAND
BH: Aint no thing but a chicken wing. Pick:Hotlanta

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