Monday, November 3, 2008

Are you proud to be a New York Giant?

Yeah, I'm proud to be a New York Giant. I'm also proud to see a Cowboy team go 5-4 and 3 games + tiebreakers behind in the division.

A few irreverent thoughts from Section 327 row 28, as I leave the substantive recap to White Boy:

-I said to my dad before the game:
1. Steve Smith will catch his first professional TD today.
2. Corey Webster (currently engaged in a mean defensive player of the week battle with Justin Tuck) is looking like a pro bowl player this year. Not to be confused with Jacobs, our entire O-Line, Tuck, and Pierce, who also deserve to be pro bowlers. More on this later this week.
And yet, some how I'm 7-11 on my picks this year.

A bizarre game in the sense that I had asshole Giant fans and pretty chill and logical, if slightly drunk, Cowboy fans sitting around me.
  • First the asshole Giant fan. No one rocks the phrase "Tony Homo" more than me. But I generally don't yell "To-ny Ho-mo" when he's on the sideline in street clothes. And I DEFINITELY don't do it for an entire game. This led to the Cowboy fans and I telling her that once Tom Landry let's Staubach, Pearson & Co. air it out, the Giants are going to be in trouble. Later she started yelling "Broke-back Mount-ain." I almost responded by yelling out "Forr-est Gump," because apparently we're at the part of the football game where we yell out Oscar-winning movies. Yeah, I know the gay references, but it's still retarted. And worst of all, she had the audacity to not be hot. For shame, ugly lady.
  • Next the Cowboy fans. Nice guys. Almost felt bad for 'em. Almost Loved it when one of the dudes started saying to his buddy "This was supposed to be our year. It wasn't supposed to be like this." Beautiful. And for the record, if they lose to Washington in two weeks, they'll probably have to run the table, MAYBE being able get in with one more loss at 10-6 and very few tiebreakers.
    • And the most commonly thing heard was "Cow-boys suck!" Followed by Cowboy fans' retort of "Yes we do!" It was a fun game, but it was so easy that it wasn't anywhere nearly as enjoyable as the NFC Divisional Game last year for obvious reasons. I've never been so sure of a win up 14-7 before. But I digress, enjoy White Boy.

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