Friday, November 7, 2008

White Boy's Week 11 picks (10-8)

As I was forced to come to a pointless workshop to learn how to administer some intelligence test I will never give to any kid I work with, I figured I'd write my picks now. So my picking success has not quite matched the great success of my favorite politician and sports team. I have gone 2-4 in the last 6 weeks bringing my record to a mediocre 10-8. Despite the deep pain this has caused me, I will press on. Without further adieu

Herm's neophytes (+15) vs. Norv's underachievers - The Chargers have, by far, been the most disappointing team in the league this year. Despite having the league's best offensive player, best TE, and an excellent defense, they are 3-5. The Chargers are the anti-Giants. They get the absolute least out of a talented team that appears to be fractured from within. The good news is it gets a free W this week against the horrid Chiefs. Seriously, playing KC is like a bye for every team except the Jets and Broncos. However I love any team getting more than 2 touchdowns unless it is playing against the '07 Pats. KC has almost no chance to win but I can see it getting 2 late and meaningless TD's against a prevent defense making it a 14 point game. THE PICK: CHIEFS (Chargers win 35-21)

Good (+2.5) vs. Evil -
I have to admit, I hate Dallas so much, that my hatred for the Iggles has greatly subsided. I was absolutely living and dying with Philly when it played Dallas in that crazy ass Monday Night Football game. However any love affair I had with Donovan and his boys is over. It is on like Donkey Kong, or Diddy Kong if you like that game better. I loathe the Eagles again. However, my hatred of the city of Philly has also subsided since it largely helped get the ball rolling on Tuesday night for my man B. Philly has a solid defense and offense not unlike its big brother over in the Meadowlands. It is an even matchup between the best two teams in a great division. Therefore I expect this game to be incredibly close almost "too close to call" so to speak. I fully expect this game to be within 2 points either way. However, Philly needs it more so I give them the nod. THE PICK: GIANTS (Eagles win 21-19)


devo said...

Two thoughts on Giants game:

1. When two equally talented teams play, the team who is more desperate usually wins. See last week's Indy/NE game.

2. Mike Francessa had a good point this week: ou have to pick the Eagles to win this game because if the Giants aren't going to lose a Sunday Night game in Philly against a motivated and talented Eagles team, when the hell are the Giants ever going to lose?

White Boy South Bronx said...

(1) I said that by saying "Philly needs it more". Though you might have just been agreeing with me

(2) To a bad afc north team who it isn't motivated to play against