Monday, November 3, 2008

Hey Phillies Fans, You Won the World Series... why do you care so damn much about the Mets and Mets fans? It is truly weird to me how much I have been hearing about the Phillies players, management and fans and how they are sticking it to the Mets. I guess I kinda get the fact that the fans are rubbing it in our faces, but the organization? Really? It seems very unprofessional and pointless to me that the team cares so much about what the Mets and their fans think. Supposedly, it all goes back to Jose Reyes and his celebrations. Even now-retired GM Pat Gillick has expressed his hatred for the boys from Queens. Everyone's "favorite" shortstop Jimmy Rollins also spoke at the Phillies Victory Parade about the Mets. I have a feeling that if the Mets won the World Series this year, they wouldn't have had much to say about the Phillies. All of these comments are only adding fuel to fans' and players' fire. We'll see what happens next year...

Speaking of 2009, CitiField is looking more and more awesome, while Shea Stadium is looking more and more...empty. As far as players go, the Mets re-signed NL Comeback Player of the Year Fernando Tatis to a 1 year, $1.7 million dollar deal, so that church of his should be just about built. The team also picked up their option on Carlos Delgado, which will pay him $12 million, but could be looking to trade the 1st baseman for a relief pitcher, catcher, outfielder or another 1st baseman. Ollie Perez, Pedro Martinez and others have filed for Free Agency. The team will likely go after Free Agent starting pitcher Derek Lowe, 2nd baseman Orlando Hudson and will probably try to trade relief pitchers Aaron Heilman and Scott Schoeneweis as well as 2nd baseman Luis Castillo. The team also needs to acquire a closer. The MLB 2008 season awards will be announced the week of November 16-22.
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