Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Will the Real New York Jets Please Stand Up?

You never realize how addicted you’re to something until it’s been taken away from you for a period of time. For me, it’s been not having Internet (or TV) courtesy of FuckCast for the last 4 days. This interactive medium has penetrated my life like Paris Hiltons’ inner thighs and all of Beverly Hills. So instead of acting like a hippe and bringing my laptop to a free-wifi coffee shop, I did my best to stick it out and try and control my temptations. So how did I watch the game you say? Well, I could have easily gone to a bar and watched it but when you’re up all weekend partying it up Halloween style, losing your keys and phone, getting screamed at by your parents, and going to Six Flags you kind of want to just mellow out and catch up on sleep. But I couldn’t go all day without knowing what was happening and since I was too lazy to leave the house I simply turned on the company blackberry and I refreshed the live box score feed from ESPN every 30 seconds for over 3 hours. That’s dedication holmes! POOOWDEERR TOOOASST MAAAAN!!!!

Winners Go Home and Fuck the Prom Queen

Defense, defense, defense! The D-line wreaked havoc for Trent Edwards all game, led by an outstanding performance from Kris Jenkins. Currently the Jets are 3rd in the league in total sacks this season with 29, only trailing the Steelers and the Giants. An amazing stat considering they had 29 sacks all of 2007 and its only week 10. The additions of Jenkins and Pace have definitely made an impact on the pass rush and the run defense, which they currently rank 4th in allowing only 76yds on the ground/game.
Darelle Revis is quickly progressing into a shutdown corner. He had 4 tackles, one sack, 1 forced fumble and recovery, 1 INT, and held Lee Evans to only 4 catches for the entire game. Most impressive was the interception to seal the win for the Jets in which he out-jumped James Hardy (6’6) in the endzone.
Another remarkable stat came in the 1st half. Bills had the ball for 27 plays consecutively and the only points scored came courtesy of the Jets on a 92 INT return for a touchdown by Abram Elam. I haven’t seen a Jets defense play this well since the Parcells era. If there is ever talk about great defense in New York, it’s a certainty that they’re always discussing about the Giants; it has been this way for years. Hopefully the Jets can build off this defensive achievement and get some consideration at the urinals on Monday morning.

Offensive Woes

Thankfully the Jets defense made enough plays that Favre’s late game heroics were not needed (he’s only done it once so far this season). But I expected little production from the offense against a very good Bills defense. What I do like about Favre is that when he makes mistakes he comes back on the next drive and puts points on the board. After the interception last week that the Chiefs returned for a TD, he drove the ball 70+yds down the field and threw the game winning TD pass to Coles. Against the Bills, he tried forcing an underthrown ball into coverage and it was picked as well and returned for another touchdown. The following drive he lead the offense 65yds on 14 plays eating up 9 minutes off the clock; the result was a field goal making it a 2 possession game and pretty much sealing another victory for Gang Green.
Other teams underestimate the explosiveness that Leon Washington brings when he’s on the field. He’s just a solid playmaker. If Justin Miller can get healthy again and take some weight off LW in the return game, maybe then Leon can get the ball more on offense. Schottenheimer can go into his massive playbook and maybe work on some splitback or Full House type formations and throw some more screens to my man LW.

The Future Conan?

I don’t know which Jets team we’ll see on Sundays. This game was a huge win for them as they now are tied with the Bills and Patriots for 1st place in the AFC East. Surprisingly Miami is only 1 game behind at 4-4 and playing a lot better than most people thought they would (“I know it, Chad is going to ruin the Jets chances for the playoffs come week 17” SHMUCK). But can they keep this momentum going? Sunday they are home against the revamped St.Louis Rams who, for most of the season, were dead in the water but playing much better under Haslett the last 4 weeks. But what was considered a “mickey” win for the Jets now should be another test as they prepare for their Thursday night showdown in Massholeville.

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