Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nice Vertical (see photo below my post) and my Own 2 Add Ons:

On this, the afternoon after the greatest night in modern American history, I just wanted to add 2 things to the great President elect Obama

(1) 100 dollar fine for any use in print or speech of the phrase "Red Sox Nation"
(2) a ban on all sales of Dallas Cowboy paraphenilia in the New York Giants broadcast area. In other words, the area in which all 16 games must legally be broadcast on over the air television.

Thanks B. And for the first time in my adult life, I say with conviction and authenticity, G-d bless America.


The Yinzer said...

I can't agree with your statement of "after the greatest night in modern American history." How Obama winning can possibly be better than the Patriots losing the Super Bowl is beyond me. Never has douchebaggery been dealt such a blow as on that night.

devo said...

Yinzer's right. I once liked McCain. The same cannot be said about the Pats.