Friday, October 31, 2008

White Boy South Bronx's Picks (9-7)

Philly (-7) at Seattle

It really does seem to be raining shit on Joe Seattle. Yikes. The Mariners are wretched, the Sonics are no more, and the usually reliable Seahawks are having a down year. Philly sports fans are on the other end of the spectrum. Their city just secured its first title since 1983, its 76ers had the biggest free agent signing in the association this off season by securing dominant and versatile big man Elton Brand, and its Eagles have even won 2 straight. As much as just sports world would predict a little brotherly love by Philly to its fallen Seattle brethren, no way a good Eagle team loses to the Seneca Wallace led cellar dweller.


Pats at Colts (-5.5)

The Colts have not come down to earth, they have crashed into it. Peyton's line has been decimated and losing Addai for 3 weeks has not helped. Nor has Peyton's gruesomely infected knee. However, Addai is back and just maybe so will be the Colts O. The Pats have been impressive without the NFL's greatest player though its QB has not been. Cassel has sucked on the road, a trend I don't see ending at the Lucas oil-natural gas-charcoal dome.


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