Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fredo Picks: Week 12

Gandhi/Moses (19-14)
Mr. Ohio State (this weekend anyways) 16-13

Houston (+3) at Cleveland
Devo: The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame vs. NASA. Either way, it's a bunch of old white men. But the white men in the Hall have better stories. Pick: Cleveland
Mahatma: Cleveland's claim to fame is Drew Carey. Pathetic. Pick: Houston
BH: Mistake by the Lake is a cooler nickname than Space City. Pick: The Cleve

Tampa (-9) at Detroit
Devo: Detroit will not get bailed out by this group of mostly white and powerful men. Pick: Tampa
Mahatma: Detroit is the best HOCKEY. Pick: Tampa
BH: Nothing goes right for Michigan this week. Pick: Tampa

Buffalo (-3) at Kansas City
Devo: If you were told you were going on a business trip to either of these cities, wouldn't you start looking for a new job? Tie goes to the not-so-awful weather. Pick: KC
Mahatma: Buffalo is really fucking cold but it's better than middle of no where. Pick: Buffalo
BH: When driving through Kansas you can tie a rope to the steering wheel of your car to keep it straight, put on cruise control and go to sleep for a few hours with very little consequence. Pick: Buffalo

Chicago (-8) at St. Louis
Devo: The Cards are no match for the Cubs, especially if Big Z doesn't challenge Pujols. Pick: Cubs
Mahatma: When Jake Peavy comes to town, all the hoochies come around: Chicago
BH: St. Louis produces non-union beer. Chicago produces Presidents. Pick: Chicago

New England (+1.5) at Miami
Devo: In a battle between Whitey Bulger and Scarface, one was 20 years ago, one is now. Also, one is real. Pick: New England
Mahatma: Will Smith vs. Tessie. I hate them both but at least I didn't mind I am Legend. Pick: Miami
BH: Party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach til the break of dawn.....Pick: Miami (no, I didnt have to reasearch those lyrics)

Minnesota (+2) at Jacksonville
Devo: The Minnesota owner, Zigy Wilf, owns my building. (True story) In related news, my room has no air conditioning in the summer and no heat in the winter. Pick: Jacksonville
Mahatma: Both places blow but atleast Minnesota has hockey. Oh wait, no one likes hockey. Pick: Jagoffs
BH: Minnesota cant even elect a Senator for fucks sake. They know how to steal elections properly in Florida. Pick: Jax

Green Bay (+3) at New Orleans
Devo: You can't even begin to comprehend the difference in nightlife options between these two cities. Pick: N'awlins
Mahatma: After having a couple shots with some Packerites, I will never pick against them. Not to mention the cheese. Pick: Packers
BH: That was a fun night Mahatma. Wish I could remember anything past ordering Natty Ice. Pick: Green Bay

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devo said...

I used the Will Smith Miami lyrics last week, douchebag.