Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yinzer's Football Thoughts

Yes, I know. You must be amazed at the fact that the Yinzer isnt posting something on hockey. Which I of course will continue to do, possibly to your dismay. But I would like to take the time to just run down some thoughts I have been having recently.

Brett Favre Needs to Retire
This has absolutely nothing to do with his play. I'm just so freakin sick of hearing about him. I hate Jet's highlights because all they are is Brett Favre. Farve threw this, Farve said that. We're not going to show you the actual touchdown, just Favre on the sidelines as it happens. It's becoming unbearable.

Speaking of the Jets, that Reminds Me
I keep hearing from Jets fans, and fans of other teams (not trying to single the Jets out), asking "are we really this good?" Well I've got the answer: no. If you have to think about whether or not you're good, you arent. Now, this isnt a black or white ordeal. Just because you're not good doesnt mean you're bad. And it's not the same as being cautiously optimistic on the matter. If you really have to contemplate if your team is good, they really arent, because if they are, there is no argument.

Is Anyone Else Unimpressed by the "Elite" Teams?
Outside of that Giants (no, that isnt just an attempt to appease the majority readers of this board), I have yet to be impressed by the other "elite" teams. The Titans are 10-0, but does anyone really think they're that good? Steelers are apparently a major power in the AFC. The defense is good, but outside of James Harrison, Lamar Woodley and Troy Palamalu there isnt much impressive beyond that. The 7-3 Cardinals. The Cardinals. I'm just going to stop there with them. I dont think I can remember there being so many crappy teams in the league at once.

I Hate Bruce Arians
You didnt think you'd get out of this without a Pittsburgh reference did you? For those that don't know (which is everyone but Mahatma or those on the receiving end of his tirades), Arians is the offensive coordinator of the Steelers. He has roughly the same gameplan every week: do something that works on the first drive an gets you points, playing to your team's strengths, then completely abandon it the remainder of the game and hope you squeak out a win. Really, the man is clueless. It just makes no sense. How do you look so good on the first drive, then refuse to do it the rest of the game? If it doesnt work, you can bet he'll try it three more times to try and get it to. The only reason he gets over looked is because the offensive line is even more hideous than he is.

Betters are Pissed
WTF was that call by the refs at the end of the Steelers-Chargers game? Outside of the initial pass, I didnt see anything close to a forward pass. Terrible. Of course this still isnt as bad as when the refs got the coin toss wrong...

I'm Enjoying the Raiders Losing
After how Al Davis tried to make Lane Kiffin look bad (yet is too senile to realize it had the exact opposite effect), I have to say I'm enjoying watching this team embarrass itself every week. They seem to be getting more and more pitiful, and their cutting of Deangelo Hall after trading for him just goes to show how inept Davis really is. I have a feeling the Raiders are going to be like the Chicago Blackhawks- once the inept and egotistical owner is out of the way, they will instantly get better.

The Bengals Tied, and it's a Vast Improvement
I dont really have to add to that. They're nicknamed the "Bungles" for a reason. Having a tie be a big improvement in football is sad. Even sadder: Detroit would kill for a tie right now.

Bill Belichick is Still a Genius
No, you @&%$ers, he isnt. He's a cheater. I'm so sick of hearing this. It's amazing how this man gets a free pass from the media on everything, including when he got caught cheating. All they do is compliment him on a job well done. And what happens when they lose? Well, cant be his fault! If a risky play works, he's touted for a great call, and not chastised when it fails. The man is never at fault. Plus, who have the Pats actually beat this year? Well, after getting handed the NFL's easiest schedule after a perfect regular season that ended in a loss in Super Bowl 42 to the Giants (yes, I'm too lazy to do the Roman numerals), they have gone on to beat one team that can even be considered halfway decent in the Jets (honestly, does anyone think the Dolphins or Bronco's are that good?) But of course that doesnt matter. The Pats are winning and it's all because of the genius that Belichick.

Seriously, stop giving this guy credit for everything. Belichick has only ever proven two things as a coach. 1) he's a dick and 2) he wins when he cheats. How either is worthy of praise is beyond me.


devo said...

Your two thoughs of A) are the jets that good and B) there's no elite teams are very related. No, the Jets aren't that good, but other than the Titans and Giants, they a) have the most healthy players and b) have the best offensive line to keep said players healthy.

Therefore, you can define elite however you want, but the Jets seem to be surviving the battle of attrition.

White Boy South Bronx said...

I think Jets are going to get smoked Sunday. The Titans are 10-0 for a reason.The Jets are a good team nothing more nothing less. I like the Jets but Farve is nauseating, have that read, Farvemania is nauseating. He is a hall of famer but is more Bruce Kelly than he is Tom Brady or more Marshall Faulk than he is Jim Brown. In other words, he's a solid hall of famer but is not an immortal top 5 legend of the NFL. Those are (1) Jim Brown (2) Lawrence Taylor (3) Johnny Unitas (4) Tom Brady (5) Joe Montanna

White Boy South Bronx said...

Err Jim Kelly not Bruce Kelly. gg

White Boy South Bronx said...

Jerry Rice is probably tied for 5 with Joe though