Friday, November 21, 2008

We interrupt this regularly scheduled picks post with the following:

Amsterdam moves to close a fifth of 'coffee shops'

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – Amsterdam will close almost a fifth of its marijuana cafes to comply with a national ban on having them near schools, the mayor said Friday.

Another city, Eindhoven, said it would start issuing permits to marijuana growers in order to better regulate the trade — if the national government approves.

The plans were announced as 33 major Dutch cities held a "weed summit" to discuss the nation's long-standing policy of tolerating marijuana use while routinely arresting growers.

I hate shit like this. WAH WAH Let's think of the children. You know what fuck the children and their little schools. You know some little bullshit parent's association is just yucking it up right now. The sad thing is it's probably pissing off their children more. Look now they can't get high anymore nor have sex with the dumb stoned stupide americans anymore. Way to fuck it all up. The parents should have been smart enough to send their kids to schools not near coffee shops if it was such a big deal.

I would now tell a story about my trip to Amsterdam but I don't remember half of it. Devo help me out here.


MissMet said...

I stayed at the Bulldog in Amesterdam. Did you also?! Fun times.

devo said...

too easy...where to begin...

devo said...

The last weed summit I had was with SHMUCK back at his school. Yada yada yada, we watched the same sportscenter 3 or 4 consecutive times.