Friday, November 21, 2008

SHMUCKS PICKS (do you care really? 101-2)


There are a lot of big games going on this weekend and this one could be considered the biggest. Titans are still undefeated and face probably their toughest overall opponent yet, the Jets. Titans are a smash mouth, up the gut running football team. Take away their running game and Kerry Collins will pick you apart through the air. A lot of critics aren’t giving them the credit they deserve at 10-0. They aren’t like the Patriots of last year, blowing out every opponent. They know how to win and do so effectively with a lot of guy’s names you’ve never heard. With the exception of Collins, Haynesworth, Finnegan, Bullock, L White, there really aren’t big name players on their team (Unlike the Jets who went out crazy this off-season snatching all of them up).
The Jets played a sloppy but a good game overall against the Patriots last week. They still are not a complete team yet, not as complete as the Titans. They’re still looking to find their identity. As much as it may be considered a team effort, it also has to point to coaching. Mangini has to coach better and make the necessary adjustments at half time. He’s been outcoached many times this season and that’s surprising with a 7-3 record.
Both teams are stellar against stopping the run so I anticipate a lot of passing to take place. The game will be decided by both team’s offensive and defensive lines. Anchored by the giants in the middle, Kris Jenkins and Albert Haynesworth, quarterback pressure is a must for either defense to be successful. Titans offensive line is better than the Jets because they’ve played as a unit longer. They’ve only given up 6 sacks all season, which is flat out amazing. Favre needs to have a perfect game like he did against the Patriots. He can’t make any mistakes or try to do too much with little that he’s got. But I’m taking the Jets with the extra days of rest. After that, their identity could easily be considered “AFC Champions.”

Jets 20, Titans 10


This game is probably this biggest game of the weekend. Both teams are 6-4 and are 1 game behind the Jets in the AFC East. A loss by the Jets and one of these teams is tied for first and another game closer to the playoffs.
I am amazed that the Wildcat offense is still as effective as it was back earlier in the season. If you don’t remember it was against the Patriots that Ronnie Brown had 5 total touchdowns and the wildcat offense looked unstoppable. Something tells me though the Patriots will be ready this time. They also had the extra rest and could have some of their starters back on defense.
I get tired of hearing Joey Porter shoot his mouth off. Seriously he is a huge douchebag. I was glad Brandon Marshall called him out, it’s about time someone did. So Porter leads the league in sacks, big deal. Just when people thought he was buying into the system and it wasn’t all about “me, me, me”, your typical egotistical dick starts calling people out and declaring victories. Now I have no problem with it being towards the Patriots, I too have much hatred for them as well. My point is usually when players of his caliber declare victory or speak on behalf of the team (when only he really is) it never turns out positive in the end. Take last year Pittsburghs safety Smith? (he’s not important anymore) declaring victory over the unbeaten Pats. Well we all recall the spanking Steeltown got that evening (sorry Mahatma).
Point is the Patriots are still a dangerous team. Don’t help them out in anyway because it only adds fuel to the fire. Miami is playing great football right now and I don’t seem them slowing down anytime soon. As long as they stay healthy and keep running the ball effectively they certainly could be a surprise wildcard team come January, hell, possibly a division champion. I think the Patriots will win the game and will win by more than 1 point

Patriots 27, Miami 23

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