Friday, November 21, 2008

Like the Knicks, I'm regressing towards the mean: White Boys picks (12-10) preceeded by a New York Knicks Special Comment

I will start this little sports popuri with a Keith Olberman style special comment on the Knicks. Today, the Jamal Crawford era ended in New York. Perhaps if he was traded at this time last season I might have written this headline as "end of an error" but I like Jamal. I am sad to see him go. He was having his best season of his career to date averaging a tick under 20 points per contest and nailing an impressive 45.5% of his three pointers. He has even managed to make 43% of his field goals; the latter two percentages are the finest he has put up in those categories in his career. However there is one statistic that I am quite glad Jamal is leaving behind....his career winning percentage is a pitiful 30.6%. While I think part of the reason for this is that he has played all but 1 year of his career with the horrid, out of shape, and weak minded Eddy Curry, he surely shoulders some of the blame for his teams always being awful. He does hog the ball at times and often takes circus shots. Still, there have been many nights the last few seasons where his scoring sprees have kept us truly die-hard Knick fans interested in the games. I will miss his exciting albeit erratic play. Okay now New York just traded Randolph for the immortal Tim Thomas and the role player Cuttino Mobley. Damn.... as Devo has told me now twice today, 150 games till Lebron.

Sorry, now the real reason you guys read this blog, because you want to know what games to lose money on this weekend...

Gold Miners at Evil Football (-10)- I truly loathe Dallas fans. They are, by far, the most front running, least authentic and most arrogant fan base in professional sports. How a New Yorker could associate himself or herself with a team in Texas is beyond my comprehension. If you are a New Yorker who loves New York, how you don't root for one of your own teams is also beyond my comprehension. This is before I even delve into how obnoxious the Cowboy's owner is. The worst part about Cowboy fans though is that if there is any hope at all for them, they act like they should automatically be assumed to be amongst the NFL's elite because they are the Cowboys. The Giants, Titans, Steelers and maybe the Jets are the big 4 right now in the NFL, your team is not in the same planet as any of these teams. Shut the fuck up! All of this being said, your team is playing the horrid 49ers at home so a big win is in the cards. THE PICK: DALLAS (31-13)

Washington the City (-3) at Washington the State - The Skins are predictably (by me, a rare correct midyear prediction) fading as the competition gets tougher and the teams it plays get better. 2 of its 4 losses are to lock playoff teams (Giants, Steelers) and its other loss is to wildcard contender Dallas. The Skins had a nice run but it’s over. It might even lose this week when playing at the suddenly not so loud Questec field (something like that right?). However my guess is skins hold on to win by 5-7 points and therefore cover the number. However expect it to finish with 9 wins or less. THE PICK: WASHINGTON THE CITY (16-10)

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devo said...

I realize that most Knicks fans are ok with tanking the next two years for the purpose of being competitive in the '10 free agency sweepstakes, but it's severely fucked up that the NBA allows this to take place. The fact that the Knicks will charge fans to attend games over the next 75+ home games pre-lebron is a disgrace.

And I know this is the 3rd time I've said this to you, but it needs to be put on the public record.