Friday, November 21, 2008

Mahatma's Half-Assed Pick (16-8)

Carolina Panthers (+1) @ Atlanta Falcons

It’s about that time when the rookie QB starts to struggle and this be that week. Matt Ryan has played like a 10 year vet or atleast so says ESPN. Gee thanks. That is just like the kiss of death right there. You know you hit it big when ESPN starts slurping your syrup up. I think this is the beginning of the end for that.

Julius Peppers is back (in a contract year no less) to his dominating self and the Panthers have the best cornerbacks top to bottom in football. Atlanta also has injuries to the offense line so young Ryan might get served. These teams played already in Carolina where the Panthers stuffed Burner and won in uninspiring 24-9 game.

That's Carolina in a nutshell. They almost choke against the Gaiders and Lions but they find ways to win and not blow it which is what good teams do. I see this continuing this week as the Panthers have the personel to shut down the Falcons offense. The running back tandem of Stewart and Williams has also been ramping up and Atlanta will need to bring its a game. Joke Delhomme looks like shit one week but at any moment that switch to go on and Steve Smith fantasy owners will rejoice again.

BTW, Carolina has gotten no love from the media. They are 8-2 and right there with the Gints for homefield. Being the huge media outlet that we are I'm hopping on the Panther bandwagon. Uh oh, I think that's the real kiss of death right there.

Carolina - 24
Atlanta - 17

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