Monday, December 29, 2008

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's David Carr!

For those of you looking for in depth analysis of the Giants' performance keep on moving, for there's nothing to see here. Just a few quick thoughts while geeking myself up for RU/NC State: An Era Ends on a Monday Afternoon. The Giants did exactly what they needed to do yesterday: get in some work for the first team as well as see what the backups can do. What did we find out?
  • Hixon is a solid receiver. Is he a #1? Possibly. Was he getting open? Yes. Well why wasn't he catching balls? Simple: for whatever reason, Eli was over throwing while Hixon was in synch with Carr. Actually, check that, Hixon has probably had more reps with Carr this year than Eli, so they have two weeks to work on that.
  • This team needs to start scoring touchdowns in the red zone. Is it as simple as putting Jacobs back into the lineup? Probably.
  • Congratulations to Derrick Ward from the collegiate powerhouse of Ottawa, for his first 1,000 yard season. Unless Ward wants 1/3 of his market value, he'll go on to sign elsewhere next year, and let me just say that he's been a great Giant, and all the best. Just stay away from Philly and Dallas.
  • And what may have been lost in all of this was that Ward had 15 carries for 77 yards against the #1 run defense, and unlike last week, there was no Jacobs to soften up the D.
  • As a whole, I have absolutely no complaints about the second half. The second string guys, and I believe that except for Snee and Seubert it was all 2nd string guys, performed well. Carr showed that he is at worst a good backup qb and Danny Ware showed that the Giants running backs roll 4 deep.
  • And to the Minnesota Vikings: hey, you have reason to celebrate: you went 20-30 yards with a desperate first team against the Giants second team and barely won the game. Way to go, Minny! If Tuck, Kiwanuka, Pierce, Ross, Webster, Robbins and Cofield are all out in the NFC Championship game, then I'm legitimately afraid of Tavaris Jackson and that juggernaut of a Viking offense.
  • And my personal rooting interest as a Giants fan: Arizona and Minnesota in the first round, Minnesota over Carolina in the second round, and let's face Tennessee in the Super Bowl. But the Steelers go as far as Roethlisberger's potentially stupid decisions will allow them, whether it's the Super Bowl or a second round loss to the Indy/SD winner.
  • Congrats to the Jets for making the right move and firing the Mangina. If I'm them, I go after the soon-to-be-fired Jon Gruden or for a young guy like Spagnuolo. And if I'm Spags, I make a point of only coming to the Jets if Brett Favre retires.
  • And I hate the Eagles as much as any red-blooded Giants fan, but I can't think of a team I've hated in sports as much as these Cowboys. So for the public gang-rape of the Cowgirls, this last part is for all the diehard SUS Eagle fans waiting for us to give their team some love:

May you guys lose by 56 to Minnesota Sunday evening.


White Boy South Bronx said...

I really would consider this a succesful season if Philly loses Sunday as long as we beat Zona if we play them.

White Boy South Bronx said...

Also, we have a loooooot of Eagles fan readers. Easily our biggest base for readership