Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mahatma's Playoff Pick Brought to you by Jack Daniels

Atlanta Falcons (-2) @ Arizona Cardinals

The first game of the playoffs features the feel good hit story of the winter, The Atlanta Falcons facing the perennial losers no more, Arizona.

The Falcons are a unique team. How can a rookie QB perform this well
without choking? Well a very good o-line and running attack help and Roddy White is among the top 5 at his position this year. Ryan doesn't need to do too much and he reaps the accolades. But this is Turner's club and the Cards D doesn't have the nuts to stop him.

Arizona is mistifying. One week they look like a Superbowl team and than the next week they get shredded. They are one dimensional unit with the worst run blocking line this side of the confluence. Falcons D can get taken rocked in the pass but the Falcons have a good enough pass rush to get to Captain Kurt. The Cardinals were great at home but than they got blown out by the Vikes. The Falcons aren't great on the road but it won't matter this week.

Hey UPS Guy What say you?
Thanks for nothing you asshat.

Maybe Al Borland can help us out.

I don't think so Tim (Hightower)

Good answer!

Atlanta Falcons - 35
Arizona Cardinals - 28

Other picks because apparently we have to. This is supposed to be the Winter of Mahatma!

Indianapolis Colts (-1) @ San Diego Chargers

San Diego has owned Indy until this year where the Colts squeeked out a win against a Charger squad that didn't find their leg yet. They have now.

San Diego: 27
Indianapolis: 24

Baltimore Ravens (-3) @ Miami Dolphins

Miami has some guts and the ability to manufacture shit out of nothing. Sadly, this is the end of the line for Sparano and co but a tremendous first season regardless but this is just a horrendous matchup for them.

Baltimore: 27
Miami: 13

Philadelphia Eagles (-3) @ Minnesota Vikings

Vikings can't defend the pass and Eagles would pass if they could. Minnesota can't beat these Eagles corners with their passing attack either. The Vikes must gash the Iggles with the run to give Jackson a fighting chance.

Philadelphia: 33
Minnesota: 9

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