Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Brooklyn Hillbilly's New Years Resolution: To Predict His Way To A Steelers Super Bowl

Prop Joe has a proposition for you, take the Dolphins at +5.

Baltimore at Miami(+3.5, 37.5)

Well, everyone is talking about this game like it already happened. I'm here to give the loyal oppositions case for Miami. Whatever there is of it. I dont need to lie to you people. This should be a dominating performance by the Ravens D, but let me talk about the Dolphins.

How can you be the Comeback Player of the Year twice in 3 years? Isn't that just called having a bad year? Im really perturbed by this. Id say the whole Dolphins team deserves this more than a single player. I just get the feeling that they didnt know who to give this award to and some asshat felt sorry for Pennington because he got a bunch of bad press in New York this year and convinced his girlfriends in the national football press to stick it to Favre. Not that there is anything wrong with beating up on Favre, seems like its the national pastime these days. Nice to see Mangina getting some good press though, hopefully Cleveland will throw a bunch of $ at him to get his stare off into space on TV during biannual beatdowns by the Steelers. But I digress. Seems like Pennington has gotten the good end of the media stick lately, but I have a feeling that ends Sunday.

As is pointed out ad nauseum, Baltimore's weakness on D is at corner, where they can be beat deep. But mostly what I remember hearing from Jets fans for the past god knows how many years is how Pennington cant throw downfield for shit. This may be a major issue for the Dolphins. The wildcat wont work for more than 1-2 plays, and those will be of minimal importance. Ronnie and Ricky will have a hard time finding space. Look, nothing would make me happier than the Steelers hosting the Dolpins next Sunday, but man, Id say theres maybe a 11-16% chance of that happening. I hate to say it, but the Ravens are one of the top 3, if not top overall, teams in the playoffs. They really have everything. I lose sleep with visions of Le'ron McClain cutting through Pittsburghs D while Trevor Pryce drives Big Bens head into the ground as Ed Reed plucks the ball out of the air. Ive never seen the Ravens look this good. All that being said, Joe Flacco is still a rookie, and as Matty Ice proves, you will falter at some point as a rookie QB in the playoffs. I just hope to god its in this game, so I dont have to hope he will in the AFC Championship Game in Pittsburgh on January 18. God speed you Miami Dolphins, and do the lords work. Evil and the Ravens win 17-7.

But McNulty says you are fucked no matter how many points you get.

The other games:
Atlanta at Arizona- I actually sought out a bookie last night to lay money on the Cards. Too bad I didnt find one.

Indy at San Diego- MVPs win tough playoff games. CIPs(conveniently injured players) always seem to find an excuse to sit on the sidelines when the going gets rough. Indy wins 24-14.

Philly at Minny- This was the other game I wanted to bet. AP can beat a team that only scored 3 points on the Redskins 2 weeks ago. Minny wins 28-21.

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