Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are you ready for the Boss!!!

He's saying what we're all thinking!

1. The Rising

For his first song, Bruce is going to need to play a song that is a) more popular than good and b) has a catchy and familiar intro. The Rising is both of these. This criteria is why when The Who play four songs, they open with Who Are You, and not Baba.

2. Glory Days

Another song that is more popular/thematic than it is good, though not a bad song in its own right. Look, Born in the USA was too popular of an album for Bruce to ignore in this 4 song opus of a performance. So which song gets played? Dancing in the Dark is cheesy and my mom's favorite song (not a compliment to Bruce) and probably comes off lousy in concert. If Bruce plays My Hometown, there's going to be Bruce cardboard cutouts draped in Mahatma's Warren Sapp jersey being burned at the stake. The choice comes down to Glory Days and Born in the USA. And while there may not be a more American event than the Super Bowl, I hope that Bruce, unlike Ronnie Reagan remembers that Born in the U.S.A. is a protest song. Glory Days, on the other hand, certainly seems like a good song to play during at a time in our lives when the scoreboard will read Pitt 14, Arizona 7. One last pretenious side note: the best songs on Born in the U.S.A. are Bobby Jean and No Surrender.

For the record, if Bruce plays 3 songs instead of 4, Rising gets taken out.

3. Working on A Dream

The man and his band have a new album coming out. They're going to play a song off of it. Deal with it. Go take a leak and be back in 3 minutes. Because then it will be time for...

4. Born To Run

You always end these things with your signature songs. For example, the Who generally ends with Won't Get Fooled Again. Oh, and Bruce ends a good amount of his shows with this song. My question: how many bad puns will Al Michaels make if Edge or FWP have either negative yards or more than 80 by the end of the first half?

Some people would say that there's only 76 hours until the game begins. And that may be true, but everyone in the great state of New Jersey knows that there's only 78 hours until the REAL performance begins. Personally, I hope Bruce does a four song set or Rosalita/Jungleland/Tenth Avenue Freezeout/Growing up if only because that guarantees us a 45 minute halftime show. Speaking of which, Rosie...COME OUT TONITE!

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