Friday, January 30, 2009

SUS Reviews Steeler Fan Song Videos

BH: Gotta love the accent. They got great shooting locations too. Even the trashy cheerleader fits right in. Props all around. ****

Mahatma: Yinzerific and yet perfect. Myron Cope in between is like music to my ears. This song is going be in my head all day and the video gives me chills. ****

BH: Devo, I know what you are thinking, and shes probably not legal, so back off. That said, these guys are a better cover band than the rockstar karaoke I go to. Lyrics well done also. ***1/2

Mahatma: Love her and the lyrics. This is what I want from a karaoke band and they rock. I prefer this more than the original. ***

BH: This years edit of possibly the most annoying song of all time. Still sticks in your head tho. Decent job on the slideshow, but nothing special. *

Mahatma: HATE THIS SONG. Everything bad about the Steeler fanbase is epitomized in this song. AYRE WE GOOOOOOW. UGH. DUD

BH: Chill song, even if the singer sounded like he was a little too stoned to keep up with the drum machine(ahem!). I liked that the slideshow focused on the fans and history instead of just showing pics of the players. Not an elite prospect, but a solid role player. ***

Barry White wannabe is alright. I don't mind the beat and the pictures give me a nostalgic feeling. **1/2

BH: This one is from '05, but its one of the best Ive ever seen. Its got everything you could ever hope for in a fan video: embarassing moments for young children to regret in later years, a guy in a foam cowboy hat playing the accordion and a guy singing in Chinese. "He runs a three point one minute mile. Do the MATH!". This gets an A++ in every category even if it is a remake of the Polka. *****

The Polka is my favorite and this production is just outstanding all around. Sure it's a remake but this is what should be played in every Steeler bar in the country. The creepy guy and awful family singing was a turn off at first but crescendo'd into kielbasa like awesomeness. Next year, I'm convincing BH to get an accordion. *****

Another one from '05. Its a little outdated, but come on, it the "manamanah" guy. *****

Mahatma: Love it! A classic. *****

Best song of the bunch, reminds me of my Allman Bros/Phish days. You could actually dance to this. Fat guy at 1:32 saves the video portion. ***1/2

This makes me feel like I'm back in my neighborhood Pittsburgh watering hole where everyone is 45, single / divorced and a lush. Feel good music at least. *

BH: Every fan base needs a shitty 80s band. **

Mahatma: A yinzer version of white snake combined with the beat that sounds like "and we pretend that we're dead" L7 song. **

BH: The house music version of Steeler pride. Pretty pathetic. *1/2

Mahatma: Dude no way. I could totally hear this at a lounge and be cool with it. Anyone got some glowsticks? ****

BH: Country music pretty much sums up my Steeler fan relationship. It is often depressing and makes me want to drink. ****

I can respect this though it isn't my cup of tea. I'd listen to this if I was going to a tractor pull but this won't be appearing on my ipod anytime soon. **

Dude I hate this song. Kanye is usually the best of shit radio, but this is his worst song. And this pretty much lives up to the original. *

Poseurific but it's tolerable. Lyrics are solid. I hate Akon though.[BH note: Mahatma evidently doesn't keep up with what the kids are listening to. Cant say I blame him] **1/2

BH: Whats with the rocker chick remakes? Whatever it is, it works. ***

Isn't this the same band as above? Video is solid but I prefer the live version. **


Mahatma said...

Akon, Kanye.... Same shit, different flies.

The Yinzer said...

I'm a Steelers fan and I cant even make it past the thirty seconds mark on a lot of these. These videos make me hate my own fans. When a bunch of 12 year old kids easily out perform you, it's time to delete you're youtube account and never sing again.

devo said...

None of these hold a candle to any video involving the '86 mets. Mostly because it has quality 80's dancing and 80's music.