Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Really Grinds my Gears

(1) I am not bitter about this year's Superbowl at all. Okay, maybe I am a little bit. However, I am kind of disappointed with how disinterested I am in this game. I wouldn't compare this to the "why can't both these teams lose" Superbowl 39 where I was hoping a bomb would kill every player on both the Eagles and the Pats. However, I just can't get into this game. Maybe this is what happens the year after your team wins it and said team is not a participant in the following years big game. However, it seems more like I just find this match up entirely unappealing. The Steelers winning another bowl does not chap me nor does it stimulate me. The cards winning a bowl?? Eh, who cares. It aleady made history just by getting to a Bowl. Do I need to see Jesus Statue get another title? Not really. Oh well, heres to the Steeelers winning 35 to 19.4999999 (more on that later)

(2) Can White Boy Senior please stop telling me how "Blago" is somehow a good guy who is just being made an example of by everyone. The guy not only clearly was selling the Senate seat to the highest bidder but he is lying about it through his teeth to every talk show in America. Just because he, like you loves all Black people, doesn't mean he's not a creep.
(3) Can the School District on long Island that Mrs. White Boy Senior works at please get a freakin clue and close school today. The School District I am interning at was wise enough to not let all of its employees drive on icy and snow filled roads. My poor mother was up since 630 reading the scroll on News 12 Long Island only to have her dreams of a morning watching AL Roker and Tiki on NBC quashed. Oh well.
(4) Screw the Knicks for scheduling their big home games next week against LA and Cleveland on nights I can't make it. Sure, I am going with White Girl to the Celts game Friday but that's not the point. I am White Boy, I should have the opportunity to go to all of these games. How else is this site going to get comprehensive Knicks Coverage??!!

(5) Finally, screw me! What an idiot. I took a 2 beer -15.5 bet on the Steelers with Devo. I actually think that I can win this bet but it was not a wise one to make. I voluntarily gave Devo 7.5 extra points to work with. I just hope I am buying him 1 dollar bud's and not beers at a local watering hole on "9 Dollar Beer Night!". Thank you "Knocked Up" for that one.


devo said...

1) You're bitter, as is most of this area that isn't a steeler fan because last year was so unfuckingreal, and this year, eh. More on this in a column within the next 24 hours...

2)NFW is blago a good guy. Even if he's being made an example of, it doesn't change the fact that he blatantly committed a crime and should be found guilty of it. You know how it's obvious that he committed said crime? He hasn't posted a defense. Any chance he gets to make a defense is basically 'wellihavenodefense BUT...THE ENTIRE WORLD IS OUT TO GET ME! THEY'RE TRYING TO LYNCH ME LIKE A BLACK MAN IN THE 40'S! THEY'RE TRYING TO GAS ME LIKE A JEW IN AUSCHWITZ! THEY'RE TRYING TO GULAG ME LIKE A RUSSIAN IN THE 1940'S! DON'T GET ME STARTED ON HOW THEY'RE TRYING TO REVOLUTIONIZE MY CULTURE LIKE I'M CHINESE."

but in blago's defense, at least he isn't playing the racial/cultural card or anything like that.

I just hope this made sense.

devo said...

Oh, and lastly, if you're predicting a blowout and calling Arizona the worst SB team in a league history that gave us Vince Ferragamo and his Rams, you should have no worries about giving me 15.5 points.