Friday, January 30, 2009

A Super Bowl Pick

Jamie Dixons (-7) over Shane Doans


Look, pretty much every Steeler game has looked something like this:

1. Steelers are clearly the better team, get an early touchdown, but their offense lets the other team hang around for a while.

2. The Steelers D lets up very little, possibly a big play here or there, but definitely never enough to make you think that they're going to lose the game.

3. Every time the opposing team is driving, they will be held to a field goal. At most.

4. The opposing team will get about 3 chances to win the game down 4-8 points in the 4th quarter. The first two times they will be stopped, usually in 3 and outs. The second time, someone on the Pitt D, usually Polamalu, will either pick off a pass or pick up a fumble and return it for a touchdown. Steelers win by 11-15.

So as for this game: Steelers will control the game in such a way that no one thinks that Arizona is really going to win the game. But thanks to an early big play by Warner and bend-but-don't break defense of the Cards, they will only be down 16-10. And then, as is standard, Super Bowl MVP Troy Polamalu picks off his second pass of the game and returns it for a touchdown.

Final Score: 23-10 Pitt.

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