Monday, January 26, 2009

"What would you do?" Metallica or Bowl 43

With all apologies (please don't sue us!) to the folks from the one hit wonder City High, I have a tough call to make. Metallica, my favorite rock band, (all apologies to Led Zeppelin, Queen and the Who) is performing February 1st at the Rock in majestic downtown Newark. As most of you reading this probably immediately realized, this is indeed Superbowl Sunday. However, being the genius that I am, I had my dad's friend who is both Metallica's and Billy Joel's agent, get me tickets for the third and final concert Metallica is doing this coming week in the area. Had I simply checked the calender, I could have easily gotten tickets for the Thursday or Saturday day night shows. Well, those shows are sold out so its either Steelers vs. Cardinals or my favorite band live at the Pru. Whatever shall a boy do?? Here are a few of my pros and cons of going to the concert. Please vote on what you would do if you were in my shoes and please add any other pros or con's that I couldn't think of.


1) This game does nothing for me. I am bitter that my team is out of it and is better than the NFC representative. Also, the Steelers will win by double digits because they are playing the worst team to ever make the big game. So the game itself is not high on my list of highly anticipated super bowls.

2) This is my only chance to see Metallica maybe ever. Their U.S. tour ends Sunday night and then goes to Europe for three months. How could I live with myself if I never got to see my favorite band.

3) I can even watch the first half at a bar in Newark. If the Steelers are up by 15 which I fully expect to happen, then I will not have missed any substantial part of either the concert (which starts at about 8:30) or the big game.


1) Its the fucking Super Bowl you nutless douchebag!! You can't miss the big game. You live for the NFL. So what your team isn't in it. You won it last year so it shouldn't be thaaaaat hard for you to watch it.

2) Fuck Metallica for making its concert on Bowl Sunday. Seriously what the hell? This is the highest rated TV Show in the World save the World Cup and by far the biggest TV event in the U.S. Have a little respect for the football fanatic wing of your fanclub.

3) If I leave the big game at halftime and the game is within 1 score, I will be anxious as hell. How can I possibly pull myself away from the TV at that point.

I am close to making a decision but will not officially decide till late tonight. All comments and suggestions are encouraged. Thank you everyone for recognizing the serious nature of this life altering decision. Okay, fine its not quite that big but its still kind of important.


MissMet said...

Go to the show.

devo said...

Go to the Metallica show, but do it 20 years ago. Before they sucked.

Mahatma said...

Watch the first half of Sup Bowl. If the Steelers are trailing GO WATCH THE CONCERT AND STOP JINXING MY TEAM THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

But if we are up big than by all means watch the rest of the game. :)

White Boy South Bronx said...

your so cute with your jinxes Mahatma. No jinx can score a touchdown against your d.

White Boy South Bronx said...

Oh and I like the new album devo. So yea take that.

Mahatma said...

Sure it can. It can lob it up into the sky and LFitz will catch it.

You could throw balls into jupiter and LFitz will catch it.


White Boy South Bronx said...

You think that Randy Moss would be allowed to play in the same game as he's playing in?