Monday, January 12, 2009

Because no football games happened yesterday...IT'S GOLDEN GLOBES TIME: TV Awards with MissMet & Devo

So, the Golden Globes aired on Sunday. You’ve gotta love all of that glitz, glamour and hammered celebrities. Could you believe the dress on (enter starlet here)?? Why did (latest dish) do that to his hair?! Eep. Oh well, those crazy stars, what are you gonna do with them? Devo and I, MissMet, have gone ahead and picked out our personal TV winners a few days before the show. How did we do?

Best Actress Drama:

Nominees: Sally Field- Brothers and Sisters, Mariska Hargitay- Law and Order: SVU, January Jones- Mad Men, Anna Paquin- True Blood, Kyra Sedgwick- The Closer

MissMet: Anna Paquin has an Oscar. She’s about my age. She’s had that Oscar for about 14 years. Yeahhh. Anyways, last year, in the weird Press Conference Globes (remember the strike?) Mad Men came in with all the hype and took away a ton of awards. January could win, this is her month after all (har har har), but I still like Brenda Lee Johnson for kicking ass and taking names. Kyra Sedgwick.

Devo: Is January Jones the un-anorexic, hot chick? If so, I’m rooting for her. Other than that, I really don’t care about this category. Sorry.

Best Actor Drama:

Nominees: Gabriel Byrne- In Treatment, Michael C. Hall- Dexter, Jon Hamm- Mad Men, Hugh Laurie- House, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers- The Tudors

MissMet: As much as I love Mr. Laurie for his great acting/American accent/limp/medical jargon, I think that voters are going to let Jon Hamm have the moment of glory he missed out on when he won last year.

Devo: I’m not asking for a Golden Globe for Dominic West. (McNulty on The Wire) I’m demanding it. And not a single Golden Globe as much as a lifetime achievement award. The Wire got amazingly snubbed now and each of its 5 seasons. As for the nominees: In Treatment annoyed me because it was on so much. Ditto for the House promos, always on during NFL games. I’ll stand in for Mahatma and say Michael C. Hall should win for Dexter.

Best TV Show- Drama:

Nominees: Dexter, House, In Treatment, Mad Men, True Blood

MissMet: Mad Men will rule the night I think. Does anyone watch True Blood? I’m a little intrigued, but my TV plate is already quite full. Thoughts?

Devo: Haven’t seen True Blood. Don’t ask me why I’m ok with a show about polygamy but draw the line at vampires, but I stand by it. Speaking of which, not only did The Wire get screwed as stated above, but no Big Love love?

Best Actress Comedy:

Nominees: Christina Applegate- Samantha Who?, America Ferrera- Ugly Betty, Tina Fey- 30 Rock, Debra Messing- The Starter Wife, Mary-Louise Parker- Weeds


Devo: The first two seasons of Weeds are fantastic TV, and the third season wasn’t so bad either. But during the fourth season, I found myself rooting for Mary-Louise Parker’s character to die. So I’m probably not rooting for her. I’m with MissMet. Go Ms. Fey. While I have my soapbox, if Fey’s Sarah Palin was the best work SNL has done since Will Ferrell, it proves that Daily Show is light years ahead of SNL for political and every other type of satire.

Best Actor Comedy:

Nominees: Alec Baldwin- 30 Rock, Steve Carell- The Office, Kevin Connolly- Entourage, David Duchovny- Californication, Tony Shalhoub- Monk

MissMet: It won’t be Kevin Connolly, who I was very surprised to see here, because Entourage hasn’t been all that good in 2 seasons. Will voters like Duchovny’s ‘method’ of actually becoming a sex addict? Perhaps. I still like Alec Baldwin.

Devo: Wow, E? Really? I completely agree with MissMet about Entourage, rooting for Vinnie Chase to declare bankruptcy all season. But bankruptcy court probably makes for lousy comedy. Like Entourage and Weeds, Office was much better a few years ago, and I think I only watch because Pam is hot. Oh, and I know I speak for BH when I say that Alec Baldwin is fantastic.

Best TV Show- Comedy

Nominees: 30 Rock, Californication, Entourage, the Office, Weeds

MissMet: Again, Entourage? Really? I’m still liking 30 Rock for its wittiness. Doesn’t it also make you miss Arrested Development?

Devo: Agreed with everything that was previously said. But seriously, Weeds needs to be Old Yeller-ed. I’ll root for Office, but only because of Creed Bratton. And Kevin.

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MissMet said...

I think that Big Love didn't qualify because it didn't air during the right times...
don't quote me on that though.