Friday, January 16, 2009

Mahatma's Championship Game Picks

Philadelphia Eagles (-4) @ Arizona Cardinals

I wonder if Arizona refers to their stadium as the aviary?

Anyway why the hell are all these birds in the playoffs this year and how the hell are they doing this well? If I bet someone that these two teams would be in the NFC Championship game, I'd be living in Cabo right now with a russian vixen named Veronika.

Sadly, this isn't the case and here I am in the lovely 5 degree weather that is NYC. People are already expecting a Eagle/Steeler superbowl and for good reason but remember Arizona has done an amazing job the last 2 weeks in guessing the opponents snap counts. Their maligned defense is now flying to the ball in impressive fashion and at times that offense looks unstoppable.

Philly is riding the defense and I have a sickening feeling Brian Dawkins will be the win one for Elway, Strahan, Manning, Bettis, Gipper mode. Also i don't think the Larry Fitzgerald will be able to have nearly the same success last week matched up against Asante Samuel. Last game against Philly, Fitzy had only 5 catches for 65 yards but 2 of them were for touchdowns and Samuel didn't even play. The Eagles shouldn't fear the run game of the Cardinals and I don't think they will. This defense is playing well and McNabb had his best game of the year against the soft Cheezenhunt defense. This is going to be the best game of the day.

Eagles- 28
Cardinals - 27

Baltimore Ravens (+6) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

my week:
Monday: They're a good team, but really banged up. We got this.
Tuesday: We cant lose to a team that banged up can we?
Wednesday: They are going to put up a fight
Friday: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont turn the ball over, thats our only chance
Saturday: Don't fucking talk to me, we already lost
Sunday: DRINK

Suffice to say Baltimore isn't backing down from anything. It's also been exceptionally quiet from Ratbird nation. I mean usually it's one of Bart Scott or the Murderer saying one thing or another retard but they are hush hush. Maybe their mouths are hurt too (here all week people)

The Ravens are hurt or something and everyone is on the Steeler bandwagon. Don't you feel a jinx coming? Because I sure as hell do.

Here's why the Ravens will win:
  • Throw everything out of the window: divisional rivals. I don't care what the records are the Ravens are built to beat the Steelers. How you beat the Steelers is a consistent running game, playaction game and a stout defense. Ravens have that in spades.
  • Ratbirds are hot. They've lost like once since mid November and that team that beat won on a controversial call.
  • They just beat the best team in the AFC on the road with a rook QB. Style points weren't needed and they took it to the Titans who are more tougher than the Steelers.
  • Injuries can be a motivational technique. These are all NFL players and they aren't all terrible (outside of Willie Colon). There have simply been too many cases in the NFL of substitutes coming in and playing just as well as, if not better than, the starters for whom they were subbing for. The Steelers seem to be getting too "comfortable about the Ravens' injuries". And if they do get "comfortable", you know what? That means they don't deserve to go to the Super Bowl. If playing the Ravens in the AFCCG, even if they were dressing 22 waterboys, doesn't rate the Steelers' "A" game, then screw 'em!
  • All week the Ravens have heard that they can't beat the Steelers because they are so banged up. They are also playing with "House" money. I thought the NFL didn't condone gambling. Now even more so. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • God loves Ray Lewis. Look he got away with murder. God hates heathens especially those who ride motorcycles without helmets.
  • Joe Flacco is the BEST ROOKIE QB OF ALL TIME.
  • Giants lost 2 vs. Cowshits last year before winning the ultimate matchup.
  • Cam Cameron is a good coordinator and will put his team in the best position to win
  • Steelers offense line is still bad and will always be bad until the offseason
  • Arians called a rare good game last week but can he do it two weeks in a row?
  • The Steelers defense has looked quite average the last two meaningful games. Kerry "Old" Collins lit them up and Phillip Rivers would have also if Brett Kiesel didn't bat up a pass and special teams.
  • Sports Illustrated Cover. Seriously. FUCK YOU SI. What makes this worse is that headline. Ugh.
  • All of ESPN is picking us. Seriously, kill me now.
  • Because the genius, Seth Wickersham says the Steelers will win. Again... kill me
  • Devo & Sports Guy are picking the Steelers. If that's not the kiss of death, I don't know what is.
That being said, Steelers win in a blowout. Steelers get up early and Flacco's gotta throw. Right into the arms of Steeler defenders.

Flacco than can go run into the arms of Ernie and the Baltimorons can save their rallybrows for next season.

Pittsburgh - 35
Baltimore - 9

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