Friday, January 16, 2009



So in the event I will be drinking on Sunday with Mahatma or Brooklyn Hillbilly I’ve made a list of things I shouldn’t say or do while watching the games:

- Don’t enter the bar or Devo’s house doing the Ray Lewis dance. One, I can’t dance. Two, all my attention will be focused on my choreography and I won't be able to dodge whatever items might be thrown at me.
- Make some Penguins comments (well, maybe just one)
- Tell Mahatma I bet money on the Ravens (when really I bet on the Steelers)
- Steelers will probably beat the Ravens but will lose to Whisencunt and the Cardinals in the Super Bowl
- James Harrison wants to be a Jet
- Joe Flacco reminds me of a young Terry Bradshaw, just less retarded
- Alaaan Fannecaa
- So I had my tongue up your sisters a$$ and……..

-Solves all your worries-

I don’t really care what all the critics and media have to say, it’s obvious everyone favors the Steelers. I don’t favor anyone in this game. To me these teams are identical and it’s going to come down to a field goal (or a bad call by Hochuli and company).

Pittsburgh 16, Ravens 15


Anyone else get the feeling that this is going to be McNabb and Andy Reid's year? Earlier in the season McNabb was benched and Reid was probably on the hot seat and now look, one win away from returning to the Superbowl.

There are no distractions this time(T.O driveway crunches) and all the players seem to be having fun. Arizona has been playing flawless football lately but all good things must come to an end. Arizona's defense will have their hands full trying to contain Brian Westbrook and a mobile McNabb. I know Donovan is not the QB he once was but when the man needs to scramble he can still reach the secondary and move the chains. Without Westbrook, McNabb is an average quarterback at best. On the field, BW is as dangerous as they come.

To sum it up I think the Eagles are playing the best football of the remaining 4 teams. Without Westbrook they're in trouble but reports are saying he'll play. This will probably be McNabb's last Superbowl run. I still don't think he'll ever win one.

Eagles 34, Cardinals 27

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