Tuesday, January 13, 2009


REX RYAN - Defensive Coordinator, Baltimore Ravens

YEA - Can run a 3-4 and a 4-3 defense effectively. Ravens defensive unit has been consistent for the last decade and Rex has been a huge part of that success since the beginning.

NAY - Has never been a head coach before. No coordinator from the Ravens organization has had much success as head coaches (Marvin Lewis, Mike Nolan)

BRIAN SCHOTTENHEIMER- Offensive Coordinator, NY Jets

YEA - Shows signs of offensive genius. Emotional coach and the players like him. Well respected family name in the NFL.

NAY - His play-calling is questionable (throwing on 4th and 1 and abandoning the running game when it's affective). He too has no head-coaching experience and can be milking his dads reputation.

BILL CALLAHAN - Offensive Line/Assistant Head Coach, NY Jets

YEA - Was the head coach for the Raiders and led them to the Superbowl. Jets running game improved 1yd per rush and the offensive line was one of the best in the AFC

NAY - Since he left the Raiders they haven't had a winning season. Nebraska Cornhuskers used to be a dominant force in College Football, now they're not. Players don't seem to get along with him. He should just stay as an offensive line coach.

MIKE SHANAHAN - EX-Head Coach, Denver Broncos

YEA - He won 2 superbowls (long time ago) and has a long resume of accomplishments with Denver. Definitley an offensive-minded genius. Can plug in any running back and turn them into a 1200yd rusher.

NAY - Doesn't seem to want to coach for any team next season. He hasn't won any big games since John Elway retired. High profile coach, he's going to want to have a lot of authority.

JEFF JAGODZINSKI - Ex-Head Coach, Boston College

YEA - Has a great offensive mind and has worked with Brett Favre

NAY - He knows Brett Favre

MOSES - The Real Hebrew

YEA - He parted a hell of a lot of water and quarterback sneaked the Jews out of Egypt.

NAY - He then got them lost for 40 years wandering around in the Desert. Jets haven't won the Superbowl in 40 years...coincidence? .....No....

STEVE SPAGNUOLO - Defensive Coordinator, New York Giants

YEA - Runs a very effective blitz heavy 4-3 defense (just ask Tom Brady). He's a smart coach coming from Jim Johnsons staff

NAY - He's never been a head coach before. The Jets have a lot of money invested in Calvin Pace, Vernon Ghoulston and Bryan Thomas who are built for the 3-4 defense. If Jets were to change to the 4-3, more than likely these 3 players would not be as effective and quite possibly cut(thomas).


YEA - Scored 4 touchdowns including the game winner of the state championship game. He hates the French, loves Big'uns and founded No'MAM

NAY - Sure he's fictional but a man can dream can't he?

DARCY SEARS - Head Cheerleader, West Canon High School


NAY - If you say Nay then you have no penis

My vote is for Rex Ryan. He just seems to make the most sense. I don't like Schottenheimer because besides the Jets he's had no other interviews for other headcoaching vacancies. 2 years ago he was telling a few teams no, including the Dolphins. Everyone else would come with risks and a lot of drama that this team doesn't need anymore of.

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devo said...

Considering that everyone on the Jets except for Leon Washington contributed to the fuckup of a season ending, taking an in house candidate would be awful. Especially Bill Callahan, who has proven to suck before.

Get Spags and make Bundy his assistant. After all, you score 4 touchdowns in a game for Polk High, clearly you're doing something right.