Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Devo gets you through hump day...

So a few quasi-interesting things happened today. Nothing worthy of their own blog, but let's talk about 'em anyways.

1.The Daily News is saying that the Nets' move to Brooklyn is dead. And I'm going to agree with them, because as Confucius once said, "When the main architect working on the project lays of all of his workers from said project, project probably doesn't get built."

But give the Nets credit: they didn't take this lying down. Nets CEO, Brett Yeomark, when asked by Evan and Joe whether the Brooklyn Arena would happen, said "Yes."

There you have it folks! The Nets WILL play in Brooklyn in '11/'12, because Brett Yeomark said so. Yeomark continued to build credibility with Evan and Joe by saying, "People from Brooklyn have been buying tickets to Nets games to check out the team that they will be inheriting in a few years. And not only is the Loch Ness Monster real, but he owes me about $3.50."

So yeah, the Nets could end up in Brooklyn...or they could move to a brand new arena that's already built in downtown Newark, a town that's probably home to a basketball fan or two. But hey, if they moved to Newark, who or what is going to displace all of the Brooklyn naval yard locals?

2. Apparently John Madden and Brian Gionta are free agents after this season. Two tough decisions to make on two fan favorites if they both want big money. (Gionta made $4 million, Madden slightly under $3 million last year.) On the one hand, Madden, as a top defensive forward, is probably more valuable than Gionta, a 2nd line scorer whose goal totals have dropped each year since Judas Gomez centered his line. Based on that, if either one of them asks for a raise (not necessarily a guarantee given) Lou should give in to Madden but not Gionta. That said, Madden is going to be 36 in May. (Is it just me or should he be closer to 32?) And Gionta is going to be 30. The ideal situation would be to sign Madden to one last 2 yr/6 mil contract and sign Gionta to a 3 year deal worth between $10 and $12 million. Possibly throw on a fourth year due to the shame he must feel knowing that BU will have won the '09 NCAA Hockey Tourney.

3. Congress, having nothing else on its plate, is going to investigate the BCS. I'll let the absurdity of this idea speak for itself. My only thought is, "What's Coach K's take on this form of federal intervention into collegiate athletics?"

4. Roger Goodell, after getting his daily dose of Mahatma, injects some common sense into the NFL season.
I don't know what I like more about this idea, adding two more regular season games or getting rid of two weeks of the biggest scam known to man-exhibition football games.

And with that, I'm out. Stay frosty, SUS nation!


Girl Out of Cleveland said...

clearly the BCS is the biggest problem our nation is facing right now! thanks congress!

The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

I want their bonus money back. Or at least have them work for $1/year