Friday, March 27, 2009

TO actually does things for other people?

But fighting the disease is personal for Owens. His grandmother has Alzheimer's, and for over a decade, the Buffalo Bills' wide receiver has been using his notoriety to raise awareness about it. On Wednesday night, he will be honored as recipient of the National Alzheimer's Association Young Champions Award at the National Building Museum in Washington.

In a recent interview, Owens said he was honored to be included on the list of notable people who are "dedicated to increasing awareness" about Alzheimer's. And for those who "come into a situation where they are dealing with it," Owens said he wants "to help them cope with the problem and be more aware of the signs and how to deal with it. ... Whatever I can do to advance that."

It's nice to actually see a good story about the guy come out every now and than. The whole year all we hear about the guy is how much of an ego maniac, cancer, douchebag, and he is but hell even TO cares about something else..well sometimes. While TO is probably still on this site's axis of evil at least he is doing something productive with his time and money outside of doing sit ups and destroying locker rooms.

Of course he later finishes up the interview with the whole: "It doesn't matter what uniform I put on, I'm gonna do what I do, score touchdowns." Whew I was getting scared for a second.

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