Monday, March 23, 2009

Its a start of another week which means it's about that time Arod gets in the news again...

A high-priced former madam who used to provide hookers for former New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer provided the same services for injured Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and dated him, the Daily News reported yesterday.

Former madam Kristin Davis, who served three months in jail and is on five years' probation after pleading guilty to
promoting prostitution, would only speak in generalities when reached for comment by Newsday today.

"All I can say is there is a connection," she said when asked about A-Rod. She declined to comment on the specific allegations, saying she does "not talk about my personal life or who I date."

Who knew that AROD would be "dating" the prude from Sex in the City. Shouldn't we be praising him?? Well I will. Well done Alex.

Sure as hell beats Madonna or whoever he is doing now.

Now if only Rod could translate this success into some October baseball.


devo said...

I can't believe A-Rod had the audacity to cheat on his wife. Not like any other athlete would ever do that.

devo said...

Oh and by the way, the pictured Kristin Davis- RU Grad.

Mahatma said...

see i figured people would get this... but apparently not!