Monday, March 23, 2009

Mahatma's Post Combine Player Rankings: OGs and Cs

Overall a weak crop of guards but maybe the best class of centers in decades also. The key with this class seems to be position flexibility as a many of the prospects can double as both guards and centers.


The guards available in 2008 are somewhat lacking overall but there is talent available in the early to mid rounds. Robinson is the best guard in the draft and maybe sneak into the first round. Levitre is next but is aboard the Mike Mayock bandwagon. Herman Johnson is a massive massive man and has seen his stock upgrade during the post season because he went from 382 to 365 or something. How the hell does an NFL prospect get to 382??!?!

Canfield is an intriguing prospect but has some off the field incidents that didn't involve playing cornhole at Cincinnati. Parker, Vasquez, and Urbikk battled injuries throughout the season and may drop in the process.

1) Duke Robinson /Oklahoma/ 1st - 2nd

2) Herman Johnson / LSU/ 2nd

3) Andy Levitre / Oregon State / 2nd

4) Trevor Canfield / Cincinnati / 3rd

5) Tyronne Green / Auburn / 3rd - 4th

6) Kraig Urbik / Wisconsin / 3rd - 4th

7) Louis Vasquez / Texas Tech / 4th

8) Anthony Parker / Tennesee / 4th - 5th


A very good group of centers to come out in a while with nearly all of them being projected to guard as well. This class is much better than last year's wash. Mack might be the center prospect ever. He'll be drafted early 2nd or late first but he could be a team's anchor for 10 years. Unger's unique selling point is that he's had experience playing everywhere along the offensive line but RT. He could be a very good center or guard but needs to hold up a bit better at the point. Caldwell has had his stock improve since the combine unlike teammate Andre Smith and has shown he can handle the big DTs of the SEC throughout his college career. Wood is a bit of a sleeper and might be taken by the Pittsburgh Steelers at the end of round 1 although I still say it's too high. He has shown to also handle big NTs but his problem is more consistency. Still these 5 are all better than any prospect last year and will help solidify the middle of the offensive line for years to come.

1) Alex Mack /California / 1st - 2nd

2) Max Unger / Oregon / 2nd

3) Andre Caldwell / Alabama/ 2nd - 3rd

4) Eric Wood / Louisville /2nd - 3rd

5) Jonathan Luigs / Arkansas/ 3rd - 4th

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