Monday, March 9, 2009

Douche of the Week

Using his own financial resources, in 1907 William published a pamphlet "The Waste of Daylight." In it he proposed that the clocks should be advanced by 80 minutes in the summer. The evenings would then remain light for longer, increasing daylight recreation time and also saving ₤2.5 million in lighting costs. He suggested that the clocks should be advanced by 20 minutes at a time at 2 am on successive Sundays in April and be retarded by the same amount on Sundays in September.

Speaking of retarded, some would call his pamphlet a waste. Anyway, thanks asshole for making me sleep an hour less and be tired as shit. Oh and for stealing an hour of my bar time on Saturday night. Douche. As an fyi, Willett is the great-great-grandfather of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

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