Friday, March 13, 2009

R.I.P Max Kellerman Show

It has been a tragic week across both AM/FM radio waves, and heads are rolling faster than you can say I can't believe K-Rock only played 6 Linkin Park songs last hour.

The latest tragedy? None other than original host of the PTI pregame show known as Around The Horn, Max Kellerman, and his mid-day 1050 AM show. I'm not going to sugarcoat things: Max was an arrogant, spoiled white brat. And he wasn't particularly intelligent either. But ya know what? He was an arrogant, spoiled, unintelligent Giants and Yankees fan. And he wasn't afraid to let little things such as logic get in the way of arguments such as "Eli Manning is the best quarterback in the NFL today" or "Derek Jeter might be the greatest living baseball player." Did I agree with him? Absolutely not, but it was fun to hear someone make ridiculously arrogant arguments that I (and 90% of society) was too levelheaded to make.

So while Max was probably in the, uh, lower half of the intellectual food chain, there's a lot (or at least a few) good sports radio hosts who tend to like lousy teams. And it's not worth sitting through 3 hours of Luis Castillo talk just to hear intelligent and/or rational sports banter from the likes of Roberts & Benningo.

So to Max Kellerman, next time the Giants are the undisputed best team in the NFL for about 7 weeks in mid-Fall, your arrogant and ignorant pro-Giants views will be missed.

In other words, sometime around 2040 Giant fans will start to wish that Max was still around.

But on the bright side, we now get Colin Cowherd, who makes Michael Kay sound as sincere as Beningo. Awesome.

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Yes! More of the heard!! My life is complete.

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