Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mahatma's Post Combine Player Rankings: TEs / FBs


Tight ends overall this year are a deep and extremely talented group of guys that will likely become factors on Sunday. There is no Shockey, Gates or Winslow out of the bunch but they all have potential. Teams are showing way more TE sets because of the various mismatches they create by being on the field. As the blocking fullback/battering ram system goes the way of the dodo, the two tight end scheme has never been more widespread so teams will continue to load up. Pettigrew is the best of the bunch and is a likely top 20 pick. He isn't explosive like Winslows and Shockey but he can block real well and provide a solid weapon in the intermediate passing zones. He apparently also got real drunk and assaulted a cop in his junior year. Stay classy. He also ran a horrendous 4.8 40 times but plays much faster.
Behind him are a varying group of guys that go anywhere from round 2 -5. Jared Cook ran the second fastest time of the TE ever this side of Vernon Davis and has catipulted himself into round 2nd discussion. Nelson blew up at the combine and moved himself from 2nd day pick to now a 3rd rounder. The rest are solid contributors with Davon Drew probably being the next best Tackle Eligible besides Pettigrew. Coffman/Beckum were a great college TEs but isn't going to threaten anyone with his speed or blocking but he is still steady. Ingram has WR speed but TE size. The issue with him is if he can show any team that he has his wheels still after blowing an ACL. Still he is by far the guy i'm most intrigued with and would love to see how he does on his pro day.

1) Brandon Pettigrew / Oklahoma State / 1st

2) Jared Cook / South Carolina / 2nd

3) Shawn Nelson / So. Miss. / 2nd - 3rd

4) Chase Coffman / Missouri / 2nd - 3rd

5) Travis Beckum / Wisconsin / 3rd - 4th

6) Cornelius Ingram / Florida / 4th

7) James Casey / Rice / 4th

8) Davon Drew / ECU / 5th

9) Ryan Purvis / BC / 5th

10) John Phillips / VA/ 5th - 6th

11) Darius Hill / Ball St. / 5th - 6th


As defenses are getting more and more exotic, offenses need more weapons on the field. The battering ram days are over. Fullbacks need to know be able to block well, run on short yardage and catch a swing pass in the flats. Fiammetta might be the best of the bunch in that regard although he wasn't used a lot as a runner. Johnson is a true lead blocker and a dangerous one at that but his running and receiving abilities are lacking. Southerland is another multi dimensional weapon who even played some tight end due to injuries but is a step slower than Fiammetta. Cook might be this year's Le'Ron McClain and he can even throw some passes. Lane is a beast at 270 but might eat himself into the guard position if he isn't careful.

1) Tony Fiammetta / Syracuse / 5th

2) Quinn Johnson / LSU / 5th - 6th

3) Brannen Southerland / Georgia / 5th - 6th

4) Jason Cook / Ole Miss / 6th - 7th

5) Javorskie Lane / Texas A&M / 7th

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