Monday, March 9, 2009

Mahatma's Post Combine Player Rankings: WRs


Overall, the WR class is better than it was last year when not one player went in the first round of the draft. This year's class has at least 3-4 players that could get in there with a couple other guys possibly sneaking in late 1st early 2nd.

I'll classify the draft as top heavy. Crabtree was a stud in college but how his game translates to the NFL is another story. Crabtree played in a wide open offense where numbers get inflated but was dominate. The main concern with Crabtree is top speed and whether or not he can get by NFL defenders. While he isn't as polished as Larry Fitzgerald out of college, Crabtree is a similar player and can be tremendous weapon as Fitzgerald was in the playoffs.

Jeremy Maclin is a play maker plain and simple. In Missiouri, Maclin had to play close to the line of scrimmage and thus was given chance to show what he can do. He makes defenders miss and has top end speed to blow by defenders in the open field. Moreover, Maclin handled roles other than receiver in runner and returner. The question marks with him involve his route running and his ability to get open. By all accounts, Maclin is hard working and should easily work on his routes and become a top play maker for years to come. He's also 6' 1'' which might even make him an outside shot at getting drafted before Crabtree.

Bey was one of the winners of the combine as his stock shot up from a rd 2 to a round 1 with a 4.31 40 time. Bey was originally penciled in as one of the best in the country but played in a Maryland program without any semblence of an offense. Bey might be the fastest guy in the draft but he is extremely raw as a player being a former track guy turned football player. Still route running and hands are weaknesses but Bey can make up for it and than some with some more work and experience. Bey is also 6' 3''.

Percy Harvin was one of the most dangerous players in college football under the Florida spread but that also limited his development. Harvin lines up all over the field and can be quite the weapon in the wild cat offense but in the traditional wr sense Harvin is a little raw too and not blessed with the size of the big three. He's also been injury prone in his career and carries the stigma of being a Gator receiver. While that more has to do with Spurrier's squad, that same thought process might scare of some teams in need of a receiver. Still Harvin could be a big steal in the late 1st round or early 2nd and be another version of Reggie Bush.

Nicks made the college football catch of the year and has vaulted that into a potential 1st round success. Nick is extremely solid all around. He doesn't have the speed of Bey, Hands of Crabtree or the playmaking ability of Maclin/Harvin but he just is a solid guy that does everything well. Jack of all trades, master of none.

Devo's boy Kenny Britt might be what's ailing the Giants but he comes with his share of questions also. Britt is almost a younger carbon copy of Plaxico Burress. He is tall and lean yet physical at times. He has outstanding body control and routinely made big plays for STD U. Britt does have the primma donna attitude and takes plays off but potentially he might be has no real holes outside of the mental aspect. When motivated, he makes plays in the air or over the middle. Not blessed with blazing speed, he can still get open and behind corners. With his height and overall frame, he is a tremendous weapon in the red zone. Britt has some incredible potential and might end up being the best receiver in this draft in about 5 years or he could bust out of the league in the same way Charles Rogers did.

Below them are guys that are hits or misses depending on what depth teams are looking for. Some intriguing prospects include Patrick Turner 6' 5'' receiver from USC and Derrick Williams who was the best receiver in the nation out of high school but failed in the expectation regards. A lot of the guys in round 3,4,5 are not finished products but have upside so teams can take a flier on them. There are also some other prospects not listed that could become contributors in the NFL.

1) Micheal Crabtree / Texas Tech / Top 10

2) Jeremy Maclin / Missiouri / 1st

3) Darrius Heyward-Bey / Maryland/ 1st

4) Percy Harvin / Florida / 1st - 2nd

5) Hakeem Nicks / North Carolina / 1st - 2nd

6) Kenny Britt / Rutgers / 2nd

7) Brian Robiskie / Ohio State / 3rd

8) Juaquin Iglesias / Oklahoma / 3rd - 4th

9) Derrick Williams / Penn State / 4th

10) Jarrett Dillard / Rice / 4th

11) Patrick Turner / USC / 5th

12) Sammie Stroughter / Oregon St/ 5th

13) Deon Butler / Penn State / 5th

14) Brandon Gibson / Washington St / 5th

15) Ramses Barden / Cal Poly / 5th

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