Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I visited a beautiful new building and a baseball game broke out: A dissapointing trip to Citifield

I will keep this brief cause I am running behind schedule. But a few brief thoughts from being at the Citifield opener.

1) Where in God's name was the Peanut guy?? My dad waited 5 innings for him! Of course just as he goes to get some the guy comes. It was that kind of night

2) Then, A vender who I recognized as a guy I routinely see at both ballparks, took a misstep on this unfamiliar terrain and fell almost as gracefully as "Big Pelf" did on the mound a few moments earlier.

3) I hear the food was good but it was passover so my dad and I felt teased. On the plus side, he still has most of his 2008 earnings that he otherwise would have squandered on some probably very good brick oven pizza.

4) It will be impossible to hit home runs here, unless you are the Padres. David Wright absolutely crushed a dramatic 5th inning 2 out three run jack but it barely left the yard. Beltran and the aforementioned Wright crushed balls to deep right center and the balls someone were easily caught. Unless you dramatically pull the ball, there is no way to hit home runs in this stadium.

5) YOU ARE NOT THE REDSOX, ORIOLES OR BROOKLYN DODGERS!- Wow do the Wilpons wish they were not the Mets owners. This pretty stadium looks like Camden from the outside, Its walls are high like at Fenway, and there are more tributes to former Brooklyn Dodgers than to New York Mets. If you think I am being a Met hater, listen to WFAN today. It is almost unanimously negative Met fan reaction to the new ballpark. Oh and it was an oddly cool feeling when people started chanting Red Sox sucks to the playing of "Sweet Caroline." Of course I joined in willingly to the anti Sox chant. How about playing some Billy Joel or showing Doc and Daryl somewhere in the stadium there guys.

6) Also, my area was incredibly quiet and reserved even during the game's big moments. However, I was sitting in 175 dollar seats my dad's client had given to him. The atmosphere was noticeably corporate which I sadly expect to also be the case when I visit the New Yankee Stadium on Thursday. Where have you gone Bill Shea, NY baseball fans turn their lonely eyes to you.

7) On the plus side the mets bullpen did a good job as Sanchez and Bell shut the opposition down in the 8th and 9th. Wait what? this isn't 2002 or 2005?? Oh whoops sorry Met fans.

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