Thursday, April 16, 2009

The New Yankee Stadium: Same old lack of clutch hitting and and overpriced food but I still miss the Old Stadium

Okay so I should say that I didn't dislike all aspects, or even most aspects of the New Yankee Stadium just like I didn't hate all aspects or dislike all aspects of Citifield. However, maybe I am just an angry young man destined to be an angry old man, but I really really miss the old Yankee Stadium. It broke my pinstriped heart to look into an empty half torn apart Yankee stadium as my 4 train arrived at 161st and river avenue. Still, here in list fashion are my thoughts on the new stadium. Oh, and if The Yanks horrid middle relief had actually not gotten molested by slightly above average players on the Indians, maybe I'd feel better about things. Keeping that disclaimer in mind...


1) When I first walked into the stadium, I felt more like I was at a Yankee museum than I felt like I was at a stadium for the Yankees. The Yankees, unlike the Mets, actually realize its fans want to feel as if they are at the home of the team that plays 81 games there. However, much like Citifield, it felt too much like I was at some kind of museum rather than a ballpark....

2) It takes at least 3 times as long to walk from one level to another at this stadium than it did in the stadium across the street. It took my dad and I, who were walking at a fairly brisk pace, 10 minutes to walk from level 1 to level 2..

3) The upperdeck now is significantly further away from the field than the middle level where as at the old stadium the upper deck hung over the middle level. That sucks.

4) The right field bleachers and its much ballyhooed bleacher creatures are significantly further back from the field than they were at the old stadium. I had to strain my ears to hear them do the roll call. A sad moment indeed.

5) You can barely see Monument Park from almost any seat location. I liked how at the old stadium you could clearly see the monuments from any seat location.

6) The big screen out in Right field is wayyyy too freakin loud and wayyy too big. I felt like the screen was literally going to envelope me. I feared for my life I tell you!

(7) The retired numbers, once on the walls in leftfield now are wayyyy wayyyy back past the left field bleachers. It took me 3 innings to find them and I, a man of 20/20 vision, needed to strain his eyes in order to do so.

Some Pros to be fair.

(1) it's a beautiful stadium.

(2) The food is probably better

(3) it does Yankees history much justice than the old park did.

(4) I even would acknowledge that there are sweet ass centerfield seats that are right between the left field and right field bleachers that look pretty cool.

(5) Oh, and standing room only, which both stadiums have, is awesome for nervous fans like me.

In closing though, I guess for me, my love for a stadium comes with comfort, familiarity and the experience of witnessing great moments for my team there. (Remember people who make fun of my knick fandom, for years they were really really good when I was growing up!). I eat before the games and I don't really care where I piss be it a beautiful new facility or the shitholes that were the old Mets and Yankees bathrooms. I guess, until the Yankees at least make a deep playoff run here and/or until I go to more than a few games at the new stadium, I will continue to feel like I did at Citifield Monday, like I was at a game at a neutral sight.


devo said...

Am I biased? Absolutely. But they still should've moved to the Meadowlands.

SKass said...

Both Citifield and the House that Ruth Didn't Build are going to be outdone by the Lighthouse Project. Mark my words.

Girl Out of Cleveland said...

I think the new stadium is awesome, in that fancy modern sorta way, but it definitely lacks the historic "feel" that the old stadium had. Even as a non-Yankees fan I really appreciated that. Oh, and then there's the whole, even-my-gramma-could-hit-a-homerun-there thing...