Wednesday, April 30, 2008

H.G. Bissinger hates the 1st Amendment.

Did anyone else see H.G. Bissinger on the Costas Now show last night? It was a discussion of sports media, and it included round tables of how sports is seen, how sports is discussed, and how sports is written. For the sports writing segment, you had a panel of H.G. Bissinger, Deadspin founder Will Leitch, and Braylon Edwards, who stood in as token athlete. H.G. Bissinger began the discussion almost as classily as I began this title. He comes in, and attacks Leitch because to paraphrase, what Bissinger does, is art. What Leitch does is bullshit.

Uh, wrong. You write about sports, H.G. You write about a diversion. You write seriously about something that is nothing more than a hobby for 90% of America. You don't save lives, you don't even make other people money. (aside from your editors) And frankly, now that a new type of journalism is sweeping the country, you're not able to compete. Sorry, but them be the breaks.

So my question to real/professional sports journalists is this: Did you ever really feel that you weren't on borrowed time? Didn't you think that you were playing with house money, watching sports for a living and writing about it? You got to spend your livelihood watching sports, going to championship games, meeting celebrities, and now you're being called out on the bullshit of your job. Thanks to Bill Simmons (who was eerily silent on the issue last night), Deadspin, Kissing Suzy Kolber and the thousands of other blogs out there, (which we, admittedly are extremely late to the party) sports journalists are now being kept honest and having their bullshit called out. Sorry guys, them be the breaks. If anyone has video footage of this discussion, please send it to

Either way, I'm done with H.G. Bissinger and anything Friday Night Lights related. Elitist asshole.

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