Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Moose,Hawks and Penguins oh my!

Yes this is a lame title but I couldn't help but notice the three things making me happy in the world of sports tonight all have animal monikers. A quick explanation of each of these is put forth below

Hawks- G-d bless you Atlanta Hawks. I know you won't actually beat the dreaded Celtics in this first round series but I appreciate that you have taken the arrogance and smugness away from Boston sports at least for a few days. I thought my Giants completely ruining the ending of the "perfect season" would be enough to humble New Englanders but apparently not. I can only hope that the 36 win Hawks taking 2 of the first 4 from the Celts will make progress towards this end. Big props to Josh Smith, Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby (obnoxious cross on his arm and all) for more than competing with a team that completely has you out-maned.

Penguins- I am both a very casual Islanders fan and an even more casual NHL fan. However, I can't help but hate the Rangers. Whether its the complete disregard for all things decent and human by Sean Avery or whether its the pretty boy softee persona of Jarimir Jagr, I just can't stand these guys. I think my Rangers hatred reached a boiling point when Ranger fans had the gall to predict their team would somehow beat the mighty Penguins in their best of seven Eastern Conference Semi-finals series. The Penguins have 2 of the best 5 players in the sport and the Rangers, while they have a great goalie, are outmatched in every other facet of the game (not bad for a hockey novice, huh?). So far the Penguins have beaten the Rags in a game where their own offensive style dictated the flow of the contest winning 5-4 in game 1; and beat the Rangers and Lundquist at their own game in game 2 by winning a 2-0 defensive struggle. Go Igloo!

Moose- I have to give some credit to the primadonna, Madonna Mike Mussina. He has only given up 4 earned run over 12 innings during the course of his last two starts going 2-0. Tonight he showed rare guts giving up only 2 total runs over 2 innings in which there were at least 2 in scoring position with less than 2 outs. He got some big strikeouts, pop-outs and K's over a workman like 5 inning 2 run performance tonight. Although he has no prayer against Manny and the Sox, Moose is showing that he might be a serviceable 4th starter against every other opponent the Yanks face in the AL this season. Btw, to any Mets fan who I offended with my scathing commentary about your much maligned 1st baseman, I will not pretend that my 1b is not also huge bust and waste of space. I can't wait till his 225 average and 7.5 40 speed leaves this off-season. Oh and boo all you want Met fans I support you. Delgado is the Met's Giambi except Giambi actually is nice to the fans. Oh, that reminds me; thank you WFAN for spending all of the last 2 days on this issue. It's not like there is the NFL draft, the Rangers playoff run or the Yankee's star catcher going on the DL to talk about.

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devo said...

2 things:
1. If not for 2 allegedly shitty calls, the Pens/Rags series could be 2-0 Rags. The Pens are playing well, but I'm not ready to say that they're out playing them.

2. Maybe Delgado is an asshole, and I don't even think he is. But even if he is, he's not getting paid $21 million/year. That's the equivalent of Andy Dick getting paid like Will Ferrell.