Sunday, April 27, 2008

Some thoughts from the NFL draft

I didn't watch a whole lot of sports this weekend. But I turned on my tv around 7pm Saturday night and this is what was on:
1. The NFL draft, 2nd round.
2. Beginning of Habs/Flyers
3. End of Yankees/Indians (national game)
4. An NBA game of some sort. Probably the Lakers game, I don't know, I didn't watch.
5. Beginning of Nats/Cubs
6. Beginning of Orioles/White Sox.

6 events. Wow. I love this time of year. Some thoughts from some of the events this year:

The NFL Draft.
I didn't watch most of the round, but kudos to Goodell and the NFL, forgoing the ad revenue in favor of a somewhat shorter and more compact draft.

My favorite part of the draft: while most draft picks celebrated being picked Malcolm Kelly had a "Fuck! Really?" look on his face when he found out he was picked in the same round as Devo Thomas by the Skins. I'd feel that way too if I were Kelly, having to compete with at least Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle-El, and Thomas.

As far as the Giants' draft, while I have a complaint or two, am I even allowed to complain about our draft? By now, everyone knows about the role that the'07 draft picks had in the Super Bowl win. So we really can't criticize Jerry Reese can we? Damn.

So the Devils suck, the Yankees suck, and the Giants are great. Up is down, left is right, and I'm scared. Hard-core anomie, as BH and Mahatma would say.

But in spite of Reese's untouchable job status, let's critique the draft anyways. I love the Kenny Phillips pick. I need to get in touch with my Floridian cousins and get their opinion of Phillips, but I'm ok with it. In spite of Miami's recent avalanche towards mediocrity, I still trust their players more than any other program. I was waiting with baited breath for Dan Connor to fall to the Giants...and then angry when they drafted the dude from USC. Speaking of the USC dude, this is a conversation I had with my dad today:
Dad: "Apparently the Giants think Corey Webster's playoff success is a fluke."
Me: "And we don't?"
Though my guess is that our first two picks were basically used on safeties. Neither Sammy Knight, James Butler or world class sprinter Michael Johnson are going to light it up anytime soon. And we have enough skill at cornerback between Sam Madison, Aaron Ross, and trivia-question-answer Corey Webster to hold our own at least for the next season.

So Mario Manningham in the 3rd round and Andre Woodson later? It's great value, but both are positions of strength. The Giants potentially have Plax, Toomer, Smith, Moss, Tyree, and '07 preseason stud Michael Jenkins in addition to Manningham. I guess this means that Moss and Jenkins may be getting cut. Good riddance to Moss. And as for qb's, it's between David Carr, Hefty, Anthony Wright, and Andre Woodson for the final two spots behind Eli Manning. That said, Manningham and Woodson were both 1st round picks in mock drafts at various points. So I'll take them.

My predictions: Moss, Jenkins, Hefty, and Anthony Wright are cut. It's a shame too. Wright was very solid in the Mark Madsen cheerleader-in-uniform role in the playoffs.

As for the rest of the draft, it looks like our only need, which is to say only thing that we didn't have bodies for, was outside linebacker. And as for that, we picked Bryan Kehl. Never heard of him. But it looks like he and lil DeOssie are competing for the outside linebacker spot next year. Interesting...

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