Friday, May 2, 2008

BREAKING NEWS ALERT!!! Roger Clemens linked sexually to Bea Arthur, a Boston-area goat and an old boot on the UWS

Dude, what won't this guy fuck? I thought it was bad when he was banging 15-year old karaoke singers/future country stars. It got worse when he was reported to be stealing wives from overweight golfers. Now hes hitting on the wives of professional wrestlers. Oh yes, you're goddamn right I just linked to "The Wrestling Herald", the finest news source of our time. To be fair, he was probably just trying to use her to get to Brutus "The Barber" Beefcakes steroid connect. This guy needs to go on a long vacation to a foreign country(if hes legally allowed to leave the country!). I mean, its hard to imagine a worse week, sexual revelation wise, outside of the Spears family. Even then, its a pregnancy here, a panty-less photo there, not all at once. Anyway, I feel sorry for Roger and his family. They are good people...hahaha, I can't lie like that. This whole circus is just too hilarious, and he deserves every bit of shit thrown his way. That's what you get for being a cheater, in more ways than one.

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devo said...

I have this photo on my bedroom wall, right next to my cardboard cutout of Fred Durst.