Friday, September 26, 2008

Devo's Picks (4-2)

Green Bay +1 over TAMPA BAY

So you've got the vaunted East, and then you have the rest of the NFC. Where does that leave Green Bay? Probably the best of the rest. As has been mentioned previously in this spot, Green Bay has one of the better teams in the NFC, even without taking the QB spot into account. Now that Aaron Rodgers is proving himself to be no worse than a pretty good quarterback, it's safe to assume that Green Bay probably leads the next tier of teams.

And Tampa Bay? It's been many years since Brian Griese was mentioned as a winner. Though as long as they keep Mr. Decesare on the team in any capacity, I have no problem continuing to predict Tampa games.

24-13 Green Bay

San Francisco (+5.5) over NEW ORLEANS

Screw it, let's predict an upset. New Orleans looks good again this year, but still a little one dimensional. Let's say that 2007 NFC Defensive Rookie of the Year Patrick Willis and Co. do a decent enough job of shutting down Reggie Bush. Brees will find receivers, even with Colston and Shockey out. But can New Orleans control the 49ers offense? Well, J.T. O'Sullivan, he of the 104.6 QB rating is off to an oddly solid start, and Frank Gore seems to have found his mojo. Sure, this was done against an injured Seattle team and an awful Detroit team, but is New Orleans' defense any better than those teams? Probably, but not by a helluva lot.

27-24 San Fran!

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