Saturday, September 27, 2008

White Boy's Picks: Week 5 (5-1)

I apologize to those of you who had trouble getting to sleep tonight because I did not have my picks posted until now. But in case there are some of you that needed to stay up till 1:45 in the morning so that you could go to sleep knowing what my thoughts on some random NFL games were; Here are the White-Boy week 5 picks. Oh and Met fans might want join me and my fellow Yankee fans in accepting that Football will be the only sport in this area to watch in October (interesting sport).

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys (-11)- Ah the always scary double digit spread. However, it is warranted in this case. The Skins have rebounded nicely from a pathetic showing against the champs in week 1 by winning consecutive home games against strong offensive but weak defensive teams in Arizona and New Orleans. However, the Skins are no match for the Cowboys. Dallas is simply has a superb offense and a good enough defense to beat up on the mediocre NFC teams like Washington and beat good but not great NFC teams like the Packers. Dallas should obliterate the 6-10 to be Redskins. I just can't wait till two 7-0 teams meet in the Meadowlands in week 9. I don't really think that will happen but its definitely possible right?

Buffalo Bills (-8.5) at St. Louis Rams - the B.I.G, like myself, has become immersed in his teams' 3-0 start as a way to forget about our Yankees playoff-less season. His team is the Bills. He has a reason to be excited. It poses the finest special teams unit in the league and has watched the blossoming of 2nd year QB Trent Edwards. Marshawn Lynch is making fantasy owners everywhere happy as he has amassed big yardage totals. Dick Jaron is putting his ivy league education to good use up in Orchard Park as he seems to have his club playing a smarter and more focused game than his opponents are playing each and every week. The Rams are one of the worst teams this league has ever put forth. It's offense is anemic and its defense is porous. It has a lame duck coach and owner. There is no reason to ever expect the Rams to win a game. Yet I just have trouble believing the Bills are a 4-0 team. They should make the playoffs this year but I don't seem them as a dominating 12-4 kind of team; you know the kind of team that gets off to 4-0 starts. Call me crazy but I think the Rams might win this game. Maybe Trent Green's return to the Stl. sparks this listless team. Then again maybe not.
THE PICK: RAMS (21-20)

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