Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fredo Picks Week 4!

Welcome once again to SUS's newest weekly literary feature, The Fredo Picks. Named after the ultimate forgotten brother in film history, we will strive to bring the laser-like analysis that has made SUS famous worldwide to some of the less illustrious NFL matchups every week. And in these troubled financial times, you can rely on our picks to keep you out of mom’s basement.

Denver (-9.5) @ KC
Denver had The Real World. I've tried to get on but apparently there's no balding Jew demographic. Pick: KC
BH: South Park is coming back soon, right? Maybe Jay Cutlers cameo this year will be better. Pick: Denver
Mahatma: South Park is back and Real World Denver was probably one of my favorites since Real World Vegas. That’s a sign from the gambling gods. Pick: Denver

Houston (+8) @ Jacksonville
Even Jacksonvillians hate Jacksonville. Pick: Houston
BH: Steve Slaton will bring the force of 10,000 burning couches to the field with him. Pick: Houston
Houston just got hit by a hurricane. Jacksonville did not. Pick: Jagoffs

San Diego (-8) @ Oakland
Oakland has Hell's Angels, but Brick Tamlin killed a guy and is probably wanted for murder. Pick: SD
BH: My shitty town/point covering theory falls apart here. That tends to happen when you play a decent team. Pick: Whales Vagina
Mahatma: Oakland is like the west coast version of Newark. Shudder. Pick: SD

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