Monday, September 29, 2008

Mahatma's Monday Night MADNESS Pick (5-2)

Baltimore (+7) @ Pittsburgh

Going into the season EVERY steeler fan knew that the offensive line is horrendous. Apparently, now the entire league knows. GREAT! So what’s the good news? How about a Monday Night game against the EVIL purple fudgepackers and their blitz happy 3-4/4-3/5-2/4-6 scheme that has destroyed the other two AFC north teams. GREAT! Also add injuries to “Above Average Speed” Willie Parker and Casey “Baconator” Hampton and the Steelers are now missing two pro bowlers! GREAT! As we saw last Sunday, Big Ben got pummeled which would force most coaches to reevaluate what they are doing. Not the Steelers. It’s all good was the company motto. Not to worry people, it’s easily correctable! GREAT! Unfortunately, correctable would mean euthanizing about 2 players and 2 coaches but that’s illegal and this is a family site.

This is going to be an ugly game. The Ravens will blitz and blitz so it’s vital the Steelers hit a big play on them early and then rock out. Rook, Rashard Mandenhall also gets the start today and will likely do nothing as the Rats have historically stuffed the running game of the Steelers. Don’t get me wrong, The Steelers are way more talented but when your O-Line is shit your whole offense is shit. Don’t let last year fool you, the 38-7 whooping the Steelers put on was a perfect storm that likely won’t be replicated again. The Steelers also haven’t made a game changing play on defense in about 3 years. Now would be a good enough time to do that. If they did that I would have some hope. The Rats have feasted on our offensive line for years now and take their usual 5 cheapshots on our QB per game.

Fans expecting the next Cowboy/Eagle game will be solely mistaken. This is going to be a boring game so plan on watching Heroes, Two and Half Men, Law & Order, CSI Miami, etc, etc, etc. Oh yea, Ravens win so drink heavily. The worst part is they aren't even that good! GREAT! Dr. Phil needs to help me off the ledge on this one.

Baltimore – 12
Pittsburgh – 9


devo said...

I need about 150 yards and 2 tds from willis mcgahee...GREAT!

The Brooklyn Hillbilly said...

HA, that didnt work out so well, did it?