Friday, October 3, 2008

Brooklyn Hillbilly (5-3) Presents "The Better Late Than Never Week 5 Picks", Part I

Washington at Philly(-6, 42.5)
Boy howdy doggone it, that was just a super game the Redskins played last week. Ok, Ill stop the Palin-talk. They did everything right against the Cowboys, ran the ball tough, played tight coverage on TO, shut down Barber and Jason Campbell did a good job spreading the ball and not making mistakes. They looked like a good team in a great division. Now comes another big test for the Skins, going into the Linc to face a team that has to be scared about their chances in this division. Look, I know Chicago has a tough D, BUT THEIR QB IS KYLE ORTON! How do you let them beat you? We've all been hearing every year that Philly is "gonna be real good this year" ever since Andy Reid lost the Super Bowl due to poor clock management skills, and every year they don't live up to the hype. I gotta think this is a week they get exposed. Now I'm not saying Washington puts a 40-spot on them. I sure as shit hope not, it would sink me fantasy-wise. But I think you are gonna see the Skins grind out another big win today, prompting the Eagles to go into if not a tailspin, a spiral that takes them out of contention in the NFC East race. Skins with the upset, 24-17.

On an unrelated note, JB just asked the panel on CBS if Brett Favre will be able to sell his house in Wisconsin for the listed price of $475k in these dire economic times. "Coach" and Shannon don't think so, Boomer and Dan do. I could give a shit. I don't want a bunch of meatheads talking to me about politics, religion, economics or alternative energy policy. You are all the guys that never studied in school because you were the star football players, now act like it.


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