Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two Big FU's or Why I'm Diehard Dodgers this Post Season

FU #1: Boston Fans
You know what would be great? Seeing Manny really give it back to the Sox by hitting .450 this postseason and beating Boston in the World Series. Manny could continue to maintain that he hated his entire time in Boston, that the worst moments of his life were being on a Boston team that won two titles, and that he's happy to be playing in a town where the people are real, Los Angeles. The thing with this Manny and Boston relationship is that while he's pretty much hated by everyone in the city right now, this feud that should die down after a few years pass, allowing for Manny and the Massholes the time to learn to relove each other.

That said, Manny quit on the Red Sox. He's clearly the asshole in this relationship to everyone except Manny, who blames the oppressive Boston sports climate which asked him to play hard for at least 162 days each year. So wouldn't it be funny if it were to rain shit all over Boston with Manny celebrating a World Series win in Fenway?

FU #2: The Yankee Front Office

If the Dodgers win a World Series, it means that Joe Torre wins a World Series. And while that's a swift kick in the nuts to Yankee fans who saw Joe Girardi underachieve, it's a FU to the Yankee Brass the size of Hank Steinbrenner's undeserved ego. The difference here is that even the most bitter Yankee fans don't hate Torre. They're miffed that he misused the bullpen and that his teams have spent the last three years bowing out of the first round of the playoffs before you can say "bloody sock," but he'll always be a Yankee. As for Hank Steinbrenner? I'm not calling him an unworthy idiot, but there's a 70% chance that he believes himself to be the main reason for the 90's Yankee dynasty. And nothing would be a bigger FU to him than seeing his old manager win the World Series while his team was left out of the playoffs due to the politics of, um, having divisions in MLB.

And while we're here, props to the Yankee front office for deciding that Cashman was worthy of a 3 year contract. Cashman is a man who wouldn't trade Mark Prior 2k8 (Hughes), a future 5th starter (Kennedy), and a 4th outfielder (Melky) for the man who should win the Cy Young this year. But I digress. At least until the Yankees spend $15 million apiece on Sheets and Ollie Perez.

Pick: Dodgers in 4

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ive seen the little kid in that picture at every possible sporting event in history. id love to know what the original looks like