Friday, October 3, 2008

Fredo Picks, Week 5!

Welcome once again to SUS's newest weekly literary feature, The Fredo Picks. Named after the ultimate forgotten brother in film history, we will strive to bring the laser-like analysis that has made SUS famous worldwide to some of the less illustrious NFL matchups every week. And in these troubled financial times, you can rely on our picks to keep you out of mom’s basement.

Devo: 4-3
Mahatma: 6-1
BH: 3-4

Kansas City (+9.5) at Carolina

Devo: Kansas City plays to win the game. Carolina plays to keep fans entertained between NASCAR races. Pick: KC
Mahatma: Carolina has cheerleaders that make out. Kansas City has males dressed in cheerleader outfits. Pick: Carolina
This is, more than anything else, a referendum on vinegary and tart BBQ sauce vs thick and sweet. This week, sweet covers. Pick: KC

Chicago (-3.5) at Detroit
Devo: Chicago makes some solid sausage. Detroit makes cars. More importantly, I'm hungry. Pick: Chicago
I'd rather move to Chicago than Detroit. Pick: Chicago
Boy, that would suck for Northsiders if the Cubbies and the Bears lose in the same weekend. Ill throw them a bone. Pick: Chicago

San Diego (-6.5) at Miami
Devo: Miami has Tony Montana. But San Diego has Brick Tamlin's trident. The World Is Yours, Brick. Pick: The San Diegans
A group of Chargers vs a group of Dolphins. You put a chargers in the water and it does nothing against a group of Dolphins. Pick: Miami
The last time the Dolphins were good was in Ace Ventura. Pick: Saint Dave

Indianapolis (-3) at Houston
Devo: I have absolutely nothing good or bad to say about Indy, which is better than I can say about Houston and the entire state of Texas. Pick: Indy
Mahatma: Over the weekend, I saw Independence Day again. The Aliens were about to own Houston. Indianapolis? Not so much. Pick: Indy
Mahatma, the aliens HAVE overwhelmed Houston, but they are from Mexico and New Orleans. Pick: Indy

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devo said...

Mahatma, I'm not a doctor, but wouldn't the Chargers electrocute the Dolphins?