Friday, October 3, 2008

Mahatma's Picks (5-3)

Tennesee Titans (-3) @ Baltimore Ravens

I used to love these two teams go at it back in the day. You would rest assured that there would be a ton of big hits and injuries! Nothing like rooting for injuries. Yea I do that. Anyway, The Ravens are a poor offense with a great defense. They took a beating last week and will need to get ready on a short week. The Titans are basically a better version of the Ravens. Better defense, MORE physicial overall and a better offense. Outside of a Kerry Collins meltdown, the Titans should win this one going away.

Tennessee - 24
Ravens - 13

Cincinnati Bengals (+17) @ Dallas Cowboys

So the Bungles are possibly without choke boy, Dallas is fresh of a loss and pissed and the Bungles are 0-4. Cincy will lose this game but at 17 points! Isn't that too much. I mean its entirely possible based on how good the Cowboys are on paper and how the Bungles are on paper but still you'd figure that at some point Cincy would nut up and man up. I'm expecting a close game at first before Dallas blows Cincy out of the water with renewed use of Marion Barber. Why on earth did they not run him or Felix Jones more is another story. Cowboys murder the Bungles but not as bad as say 17 points.

Dallas - 31
Cincinnati - 15

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