Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NLDS, Phillies-Brewers: I Hate Both of These Teams Right Now

In one corner, we have the Milwaukee Brewers- winners of the National League Wild Card . In the other corner, we have the Philadelphia Phillies- winners of the National League East . Both of these teams had losing records against the Mets, but both of these teams beat out the Mets for the postseason. I honestly didn't even know if the Phillies were playing the Cubs or the Brewers (that's how much I've checked out right about now).

For Game 1 in Philly, the Phillies are going with their ass, I mean ace, Cole Hamels. Meanwhile, ESPN tells me that the Brewers' starter is Yovani Gallardo, one of the least experienced pitchers to start a postseason game...ever. Now, the Brewers have not been involved in meaningful October baseball since 1982, the year of my birth, so I can understand why they're a little bit confused about the way things work. However, much like Johan Santana (sadly) cannot start every Mets game, CC Sabathia cannot start every Brewers game. He'll go in Game 2 against Brett Myers, who redeemed himself in the 2nd half of the season, kinda like a man named Carlos Delgado. Ben Sheets has not been ruled out for Milwaukee, but he does not believe that he can pitch anymore this season. With that being said, the Brewers have yet to pick a Game 3 starter v. Jamie Moyer at Milwaukee. They do understand that they must play a Game 3 in order to win this series right? Come on now, Dale Sveum (Milwaukee manager for the past week or so).

If Sabathia can pitch 2 of the 5 games, then the Brewers have a chance, but last year's 1st round playoff loss (HA!) to the Rockies means the Phillies are not only seeking revenge, but have some experience to back it up.

Phillies in 5 (only if Sabathia can pitch 2 games)

You know what though? I don't care at all if I'm wrong.


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devo said...

Ben Sheets is a lil' bitch. He'll also probably be signed to a 5 year/$75 million contract next year by the Yankees.