Monday, September 29, 2008

Why is this year different from any other year?

Because usually only NFC East Teams say they are rooting 1) for their team 2) anyone playing the Cowboys. But can we agree that there are enough douchebags/convicts/suicidal receivers on the Cowboys that most of the NFL is rooting 1)for their team 2) anyone playing the Cowboys? Well, in honor of that theme, we are going to spend Monday Mornings this season saluting whoever beats the Cowboys. In a perfect world, this will get old after our 8th tribute by week 12. But let's be honest, we're only going to be able to do this 4-5 times this year, so we're going to enjoy it.

PS-You beat the Cowboys by 1) controlling the clock, 2) getting a lead on them and taking them away from the run, 3) a Wade Phillips brainfart, 4) a Tony Romo brainfart, and 5) attacking their defense, most notably the secondary. The Redskins did this very well, but only knew to do this because the Giants created this blueprint last January.

Anyways, here's to you, Washington!

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Mahatma said...

hey uh Fassel. That blueprint pretty much beats any team in the league.