Sunday, September 28, 2008


For the second season in a row, the Mets have been eliminated from postseason contention on the final day of the season. While I am obviously devastated, frustrated, etc, I think that last year prepared me for this. I was never sure, just always hopeful, that the Mets would make the playoffs. Without looking at the final month, it is easy to be able to look back at the rest of the year and say that the playoffs weren't definite. Think of the way the season started, the way the middle of the season went and how the NL East was back and forth the whole time. It was never ever like 2007, when the Mets were ahead throughout the season and it was a shocking ending. People practically expected this to happen again, they were waiting for it. Therefore, when it did, it is painful, but not in the way it was last year. I don't think this will be talked about alllllll throughout the postseason, the winter, Spring Training and the regular season like it was this year. I'm upset for Jerry Manuel, who will hopefully be back as Manager next year. I'm very disappointed for all of the awesome fans that were out there for the game because it was easy to tell that they were so excited and ready to erupt. I'm sorry for Johan, who pitched his ass off yesterday, but will maybe win the Cy Young award as a result. I'm depressed for my mom and I, because we so devotedly watched the games as if we are related to the players. I'm sad for those bullpen pitchers who were mediocre. I'm miserable for the offense, who should have been amazing in the clutch, but really wasn't.
I'm about to watch the bittersweet Closing Ceremony for Shea Stadium, which will close its doors for good afterwards. CitiField will be beautiful and extraordinary, but I was really hoping that it wouldn't be Shea's last goodbye quite yet.
Oh yeah and...let's go Cubbies.

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devo said...

Yeah, knowing what we know now, I'd rather be a Yankee fan this season.